Still Active after Release of IV?

The only group play I tend to do is split bounties and as far as those goes you find groups in seconds.

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I dont group in D3, but D4 has zero global social features so it feels like a ghost town anyway. Might as well play a fun game, I will be back to D3 for the season for sure, since D4 is extremely unfun and a big letdown.


Diablo 4 had 800 twitch viewers last i checked.

Diablo 3 will have about 100,000 at the start of the season soon.

Diablo 4 is a disaster and the dev’s think it’s the fault of players expecting too much. I’ve never in my life seen a bigger flop than D4 and the devs dont even play it or know anything about games or gamers.


The current season ends today on the 10th (sorry to all those who don’t make mistakes), so it will be fairly dead until the next season starts (we are guessing next Fri). Once the new season starts the game will be quite active.

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I’ve seen 1! The Genesis 32X.

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Oh. It’s already Sunday :smile:


oh realy ? Maybe you should check your info before posting anything as “customer support”… this proves what kind of employees Blizzard currently has… and people were shocked about stash space fiasco


MVPs are not customer support nor employees of Blizzard. :rofl::rofl::rofl: You should also check your facts straight dummy.

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I get what he’s saying though. If you look under their name, it literally says “customer support”. Yes, they are not employees but that misnomer can and has easily given people the wrong impression of someone’s purpose. It’s reasonable for anyone who doesn’t know better to see the “customer support” and think “this person is an employee” or “this person must know what they’re talking about”. Not everyone knows that they’re not useful. One of the many reasons that program should have been scrapped a long time ago.

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Not active right now, but will be for a short while when s29 starts, I just hope they increase the para cap from 800 so the season lasts more than a couple of days.

But you’re supposed to have fun fishing for a spot on the leaderboards - to show what a great player you are. That’s what D3 is really about (according to some).

Never cared about leaderboards, for me the game revolves around bulding a strong paragon farmer and set new personal goals.


I dont think D4 is anyone’s competition. D3 prob will have more active users on season launch lol. I had high hopes for D4, turns out its just soulless is the best way to describe it. D3 is more fun, which is interesting given there’s less activities then d4. Maybe b/c each activity in D3 is rewarding in many ways.

Read what is writen right next to “MVP” on that green post… thats one thing… 2nd, try to think why i’ve put “customer support” into quote marks, dummy :slight_smile:

Going to be very active for a month once s29 starts. You have a nice window to play.

Thanks to everyone for putting my fears at ease. Good to know D3 will be going strong for awhile.

And to think I almost bought D4 until I saw the req. specs. Not sure I can even run D4 on my machine. Glad I didn’t purchase now.

Well, that remains to be seen. If SSF is a runaway success the pool of potential groups would diminish, and the fissures alone will likely make bounty in groups substantially less attractive.

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D3 isnt a memory, but Blizzard’s focus is fully on trying to make their image of D4 work and not on D3 at all. This will be the last season with a new theme and new rewards. After that they are going into autopilot mode and just regurgitating whats already been done. They think this will somehow force people back to D4 but nothing can save that dumpster fire since the devs cant understand why people arent happy with it. I think the autopilot choice is a bad one when so many people still play D3.

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I didn’t like most of the campaign or gameplay of D IV. That is why I am back here, and playing the 20 year old game WoW hardcore classic.