Starting a new season campaign at level 17 and not getting rewards

More specifically I wanted to get the gem and pets for completing the darkening of tristram annual event. I had to start a new character and hadn’t done the seasonal event so after I finished I started chapter one at level 17 or so.
I beat chapter one and chapter 2 and at the start of chapter 3 I can’t get any rewards… Does anyone know if I had to start a level 1 guy at the start of chapter 1?

Edit: it’s on Nintendo Switch

I think you did everything wrong about Darkening of Tristram.

To get the baby butcher pet, start with a new hero and don’t gain any EXP before entering the portal. ie don’t kill any monster and don’t read any lore book. And don’t leave the game, ie do it in one session.

Other rewards don’t have any restriction.

Please read this for details: [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide


I did get the baby butcher pet and the epic gem so that all worked… thanks for the info I will check it out.

You can have substantial experience before you enter the event as long as you have not assigned any paragon to that character. I started a character for the event this season at the time the event was supposed to start. No portal. Thought “maybe I have to get all the notes this season to get the portal to open”. Got the notes, but the portal was still not open. After the portal opened, I used this same character to run the event. By the way, I had this character equipped with a Lvl 70 weapon, two Lvl 70 rings with 90+ gems and 4 cube powers. When I killed Diablo, got the gem so the game awarded me completion of the quest.

The key point is I started with a Lvl 1 character and did not assign that character any Paragon points. Oh, and I did not complete the quest in one session.

seems they may have changed it… because in the first two DoT’s, You couldn’t even kill one monster before starting, and the whole 16 floors had to be completed in one sitting.

I did have to start over at level 1 in order to get the Diablo stone. That’s what started this whole thing. I tried going there with my main and it gives you a different screen altogether, you can’t turn the mushroom into the potion.

I have been doing the DoT event every year since it came out.

I have always been able to access the portal on any character at any xp level. The red soul shard gem would drop every time I ran the dungeon from start to finish (new game/lobby each run).

The only thing that required a fresh level 1 character was if I wanted to get the Butcher pet. It had to be a solo game (no one else could join). As long as I started the lobby on a fresh level 1 character, it did not matter if I gained xp on the way to the portal. I have had several friends unlock their Butcher pet the same exact way.

You do not need to collect the cultist pages for the portal to appear. If the portal was not there when you checked then there are three explainarions:
1.) The event hadn’t actually started yet.
2.) You did not look for the portal in the correct spot.
3.) The event technically started but you had not hard reset your game.

Cultist pages are a side event just to get a portrait frame. Collect all of the pages for angelic portrait frame.

While in the portal(dungeon) kill every unique enemy for the demonic portrait frame. This may require running the portal dungeon numerous times as not every unique spawns every time.

While running the portal dungeon, be on the lookout for a rotten mushroom in a cave. The mushroom is used in the cauldron inside aidria’s hut inside the portal. It will craft a potion. Take that potion back to the start of the portal and find a dead person(ghost) who wants it. The ghost will drop another item that another ghost wants, ect. Eventually you get plans for wirt’s leg. Learn the plans then go back to town to have haedrig craft wirts leg(level 1 mace). It will cost alot of gold). Upon crafting wirt’s leg, salvage it. When salvaging wirts leg, there is a chance to get a “map of the stars” from it. The map is required to get the royal calf pet.

With a “map of the stars” in your inventory, go back into the portal and proceed to the location where there are 3 cows. If you interacted with the cows prior to getting the map, you will need to start a new game/lobby. Read the map, it makes reference to a number sequence. Interact with the cows in that sequence. 1 being far left. If you do this correctly, the far right lights up as an entrance to another hidden cow realm. Enter this realm and search for a chest to open. You should receive the royal calf pet from this chest.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I already got the butcher pet my issue is that when I was done doing all that I was around level 17 then I started doing the seasonal story mode. Upon completing act 2 and starting act 3 I was not able collect Haedrigs gift.

Edit: ok I guess I was doing it wrong. I was doing the campaign and not the objectives.

yes, story mode has no impact on haedrigs gifts… that is relegated to objectives in adventure mode only. After completing chapter 2, will you start collecting the gifts… after chapter 4 will you get the rewards for the season.

when you complete chapter 2, if you hover over the icon for chapter 2, you’ll see a prompt at the bottom of the screen to redeem gifts or something of that nature… press that, then you’ll see a prompt to claim gifts… you’ll have to do that for 3 and 4 as well to obtain the full set of haedrigs gift.

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I’m not sure but I think I have run the event in past season with a character that had some experience. It stuck in my mind this season that the number 1 requirement was to not assign any Paragon to the character used to run the event.