Start Game Greyed Out - Unable to join game, only available to party leader

can log in but every start button in greyed out and says only available to party lead and im not in a party. HELP!


did you find out why it won’t let you join?

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it wont let me join either same thing button greyd out says only to party leader WTF ……kan we get a blue to help

[quote=“CosmicPower-11120, post:3, topic:4211, full:true”]

[/quoteit wont let me join either same thing button greyd out says only to party leader WTF ……kan we get a blue to help]

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@MissCheetah pl tell bliss about thiss its sooo lame ;p

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This error can occur if the connection between the client and server is unstable. The goal would be to start off troubleshooting for packet loss or an ISP network issue.

I would recommend starting with the following steps:

  • Power Cycle the home network’s modem and router to refresh the connection to all devices on the network and to the Internet Service Provider. Steps on how to do this can be found Here.

  • Once the network is back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.

If the issue continues to occur make sure the router ports are forwarded properly following the steps Here.

Thank you!

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well I kan enter a game in Europe but not amerika no rifts no gr no pub no solo….and my internet is fine its been working for 8 years.

I kant enter a game in PTR either…only Europe which is a bug or something

this doesn’t solve the problem…anything else to try?

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this is another post of someone with the same problem…I have seen 2 more posts on here about this and one has 3 people on here who suffer from the same thing I will post it when u post bak as I have already posted 3 posts

Can you please run a 10 minute WinMTR to host IP:

Post the results back here for review! This will help us narrow down the issue.

any luck yet, still unable to play?

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no nothing yet im in the same boat as you san still unable to play

how do I send it to u

many post it in reply to the person who sent instructions?

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when the blue is on I will send him the file san and when we know how to resolve this I will help you to buddy :slight_smile:

Hey all,

Thanks for the reports so far. We are investigating this on our end but unfortunately we don’t have a lot to share at the moment.

This issue could have been caused by connection issues in the past, however that does not appear to be the case for those that are experiencing it in this thread. So we actually do not need WinMTR tests to help the investigation.

Once we have news to share we will make sure to update everyone here. For now, please be patient and hang tight. Thank you!

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im sure it was the update sir as all 7 people and me experienced this 2-3 days ago RIGHT AFTER THE UPDATE. SIGH. LIKE…WE WERE ALL PLAYING ON THE SAME INTERNET PERF UNTIL THE UP[DATE THEN BAM NO DIABLO 3 FOR 3 DAYS. HMMMMMMMM