SSF Question...bug? or as intended?

I typically play in groups and will push witch doctor or crusader leaderboards when the group is not online. I decided to give the SSF a try. I have read complaints about people getting to use stuff from group play on solo pushes. Now I come to find out that I can level my SSF gems with a different class and then use them on my witch doctor? Other classes can push higher with a lot more ease then witch doctor. Is this an intended effect of SSF? I was under the impression that each SSF character would not have a shareable loot chest. I really didn’t feel like making a wizard/necro, but to push efficiently perhaps I will have to? If this is intended then it isn’t truly that character that is solo self found, as the toon is using gems leveled by a different character.

SSF means Solo Self Found, not Solo Character Found.

How many times must this be answered? SSF definition does not prohibit sharing gear, gold, etc., between SSF characters.


They are all played by you with no outside help though, hence it’s solo.

I am playing witch doctor which is the lowest solo clear on ssf. The people that wanted ssf all complained that getting my gem ups from other means was cheating on the solo board. By this same logic, it is cheating to use a character that can clear much higher (necro, wiz) to do gem ups to then use on witch doctor pushes.

Getting your gems and paragon from group play specifically. Groups are significantly more efficient than solo play, that has always been the main argument for a SSF mode.


I haven’t seen these claims that you mention. The people in favor of SSF said that “the cheating” was in the paragon farming either in groups, solo or by illegal means.

You could also argue that it would be cheating if you, within the same class, used the strongest build to level up gems to the highest level, and then using these gems to get on the leaderboard with the weakest build/set of that class.


That is exactly what I am saying. Making a necro or wizard on ssf to level up gems to use of ssf for any other class seems like cheating. They should have locked the legendary gems to each character. You want to push a ssf board then it is with the gems only from that character.

Nowhere in SSF definitions is sharing gear between SSF characters mentioned to be prohibited. That includes legendary gems.

Just because you use different character to level gems is not invalidating SSF. You are still doing everything yourself.

D3 implemented SSF 100% correctly.


Reminds me of Diablo 4.
Glyphs are charcter bound.
Oh no!!! i dont wanna level exploit glyph again and again haha

I am not competing against other ssf witch doctor’s if they are leveling their gems with a non-witch doctor character.

Its funny, I’m actually only competing with myself, and I’m doing it probably the hardest way possible. And its been a slog. lol

I’m still sticking with this incredibly self limiting ruleset I have been using this season and have reached 350 Paragon as of this evening.

-I actually took the SSF feature farther than intended

Needless to say, I’m currently grinding GR55s using a non-set build running LoD. But the kicker is my gear limitation. I have not used the Mystic for anything for any gear. Outside of required things I needed to do for the Journey (those items get immediately salvaged once done) I have not touched her for anything. And have not crafted a single piece of the gear I’m using.

It is both liberating in some ways, challenging, fun, and in other ways frustrating. lol

But finding upgrades are now different, as I know going in I can’t fix any of the gear. I have to use them as I find them. LOL

So yeah. Lets see how this goes, you are all welcome to keep tabs. I will not take a shortcut on this path.

Game on.

I totally get your point. As Kirottu and others have said many times is that SSF is on a personal level, not on a character level.

Making it “ultra” solo character self found as you suggest would probably be too complicated on the programming and server side. Instead of having one shared SSF stash to turn over at season end you could have a multitude of stashes leading to unforeseen problems and other issues as well. I also don’t think that an ultra SSF mode would be that appealing to a large enough group of players.

They could lock the legendary gems per each character. This shouldn’t be too difficult as it is already done on D4 (glyphs locked per each character). I think this is the best compromise. It won’t make for lots of storage at the end of the season and the people pushing that character are limited to the gem ups they can obtain with that character.