SSF Completed Challenge Rift But Got No Cache?

Just completed challenge rift 331 today but wasn’t rewarded with a cache?

Was on my Seasonal HC SSF character, and left the game to go do the Challenge Rift (i always make sure i’m on the right game mode before i start it) hadn’t done this weeks challenge rift yet cus i hadn’t played the game for a couple weeks

Logged into the CR char, completed it, talked to edira and checked my place on the leaderboard, then left the game

Tried switching back to adventure mode and logging back in, but was hit with the error “you are unable to join the game at this time”

So i tried again and was hit with “the servers are busy” followed by “error loading game license”

Tried once more and was hit with “error loading game license” again

So i restarted the game, and was then able to log in, but there was no challenge rift cache in my mail

I checked the leaderboard to see if my completion was still registered, and it was, so i left the game and toggled to the challenge rift again and it showed i had completed it and the cache had the green tick over it

So i tried checking on my ssf char again and i still had no cache, so i thought maybe it bugged and accidentally went to my non-seasonal char, but nope nothing there either

The cache appears to have just vanished?

Possibly caused by the game entering bugs?

Just so you know: It doesn’t matter which Character you have selected when you run the Challenge Rift. If you successfully complete it, you can collect the Cache with ANY of your Characters. (HC Seasonal, Normal Seasonal, HC SSF, Normal SSF, Normal non-Season or HC non-Season). But, you can only collect one Cache per week.

Sorry it bugged on you. You’ll get another chance Monday afternoon.