SSF and Followers

you need to add a recipe to the cube that uses very minimal crafting materials to alter gear found on each class into stats of the other main stat user classes, As it stands right now it’s quite literally impossible to gear up templar/scoundrel followers as a wizard/WD/necromancer and I would imagine the same to be true for the str classes for the enchantress etc, whereas in other game modes this isn’t an issue because you can just have friends join of other class types and give you drops that roll with those stats, or craft some gear then trade it (rare quality), but for solo play there’s no option for that.

and while I’m aware you can always just make another character and use that to get around it, what about people who can’t (character space restrictions), or those who only play one character at all and aren’t aware of this ‘work around’?

i don’t think it’s asking for too much to have this be a thing so I can make use of any follower I want to compliment my playstyle on the main character I pick to play.

On the paper, it’s a good idea.

In game, I’m not sure. I can already imagine the number of “bug reports” that this could cause.

It doesn’t matter though.

You can still roll your gear on an alt. You can level up, get a gem of ease, and power level your alt to 70 in a matter of minutes. Then use that to reroll gear at the cube until you get what you want.

Even on SSF.

The only reason this would be needed besides QoL, is if they make Solo Character Found. i.e., each char had their own progress and stash and you couldn’t have an ‘alt’ as we know them today. That’s not a thing, and not planned as far as we know, and only like 2 people have asked for this. So we don’t need this.

Assumption : You are playing a monk (dex) and wants to hire Enchantress (eyeing for 25,000 int on her)

The way to “easily” roll int is pretty achieved.

  1. find Gear that comes with attack speed (comes mostly with dex)
  2. make an Int character (wiz/necro)
  3. roll one of the useless stat to int on every piece
  4. craft Guardian’s on necro/wiz



I’m sure you know that the alt doesn’t need to be level 70 to reroll gear.


Not necessary.

Not true.

↑ Exactly this! ↑

Every Season, I play a Demon Hunter with the Templar Follower. I:

  1. Rebirth my main Demon Hunter (Dex) and take Kormac (Str) as a Follower.
  2. I create a male “throw-away” Seasonal Barbarian.

If I need to gamble for Follower Gear I do this with my Demon Hunter, at Level 70+, and Stash the items. I then let my Level 1 Barbarian enchant Strength on them at the Mystic. I do the same thing with Bounty Cache Legendary items; like the Gloves of Worship and the Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Any Follower items that can be crafted is done with my Seasonal Barbarian. If any of those items roll with Strength and a Barbarian Skill, I enchant the Skill to a Property that is, hopefully, more useful for the Templar. Otherwise, I will enchant Strength on it or craft another one in hopes of getting something better.

I craft a Sovereign Templar Relic (Level 70) with my Demon Hunter and upgrade it to Legendary until I get the Enchanting Favor (cannot die). I don’t need my Barbarian for this because Follower Specials always roll with the proper mainstat.


It does if you are trying to roll something from Kadala that can only roll on that class (such as WD pants for other classes), but otherwise yes it’s even easier, and takes no effort at all.

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