Squirt's Necklace still being bugged

Just bringing up again this issue cause it seems like no one wants to talk about it anymore.
Sure, we can stay quiet about it but then there really isn’t any hope that we will see a fix for this.

It’s more than just a bit of frustrating that …

  • “Frozen”-affix
  • Acursed? poison-cloud on death
  • Anarch charge trails
  • […]

… are removing the Squirt’s Necklace buff no matter if taken any dmg or not - not even a shield pylon can protect the buff.

Getting maps full of Acursed/Anarchs/too_many_Frozen packs literally removes the buff for almost the whole map - or even whole GR.

Especially in the case of Frozen-affix, there isn’t even any reliable way to prevent the loss of the buff since the damage strikes the moment the crystals spawn - and there always spawns >atleast one< right below our feet.

Or is this some secret seasonal theme to underline the whole 3+ months…?


I´m completely with you. This bug is really annoying and counter intuitive. It´s like another layer of RNG having to fish for elites without those bugged affixes during push. Still hoping for a fix.


Map fishing, enemy comp fishing, pylon fishing, “pylons in useful order”-fishing, affix fishing…

… and now “enemy comp” and “affix” got some fresh new “no go”-cases C:


They really shouldn’t throw out patches anymore if this is the new standard of “ongoing support for Diablo3”-patches.

Mixtures of mocking, ignorance, disappointment, bugs and things no one needs.

LoD-gem was finally a better solution to the mess that LoN-rings were.
Most updated items aren’t good enough. Some seem like only designed for some classes on some builds but only their speedbuilds if at all.
2 new mandatory items and one of them, on a bad day, is worse than a placeholder-item.

Right now, doing normal runs, not even pushing, ~30 keys, 3 GRs were ok - the others, 4 out of 5 packs had Frozen so I have to skip, and skip far cause suddenly these enemies are able to follow me 3-5 screenlengths as if like still being attacked. Teleporting 12-14sec long through Sewer maps without even seeing o_n_e enemy, then of course a pack of 10-15 Bogan Trappers. 5 Archons later, exit, perfectly spread out Frozen-packs, 4 of them, plenty of enemies in between that take twice as long due to the lack of the 100% damage buff for no reason besides the lack of support that Blizzard did promise us.

Squirt’s is too good to replace, but if the current day just isn’t yours, you wear it just for stats and of course for the joy of frustration.

P.S.: Yes, right now I am a little bit sulky.