SOP Recruiting Players

SOP is recruiting new folks, we are a small clan that is very tight and are looking for ppl that are chill and respectful of others play style. New or veterans of the game are welcome. We have a pretty active discord and this is encouraged to make the runs easier. Some push and others play casual. If you think this fits you search us on the find clan option. Any officer can invite you. Happy Hunting. :slight_smile: NA Server

hell yeah na or eu? i am located on the eu servers and i play everyday add me in case ur clan/guild is in eu GiantDwarf#2169164

Darn love your motivation, Na unfortunately i should have stated that my bad. :frowning:

Me and the wife would love to join! I’m Kitlatesa#1239

Send you an invite as soon as i get home. :slight_smile: Invite sent.

Im looking for friends to play with, or a clan. My tag is Bahan#1186. Thanks

You need to leave the clan in order to invite you. When and if you do look us up on clan finder (SOP) and request or i can invite you when i get out of work at 6 pm est.

Thank you for considering us. :slight_smile:

Hey guys, I applied in game :slight_smile:

I will check it out now and Thank You,

So how does someone leave thier old clan? /gquit doesn’t work? nor does /cquit…

Right click your profile and scroll down to clan a pop out menu should show up and you may choose leave clan ty for choosing us. :slight_smile: Hey folks we got some awesome people on the last round of recruiting, We have space for more like minded players. Chill place with helpful members. If you enjoy discord it is a happening place in this clan. Search for us in the clan finder SOP

Hope to see you soon. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. Happy to be here.

New-ish NA player here, interested in the clan!

Thank you for your interest in joining our clan. You must leave the current clan. Then looks us up in clan finder in game or msg here…

Hey r u guys recruiting still?

Yes we are, just look us up on clan search and request look forward to seeing you. :slight_smile:

Hi. My clan has died out and I’m looking for a new one. I sent a request to join. I do have discord.