Something I've always wondered

I don’t play hardcore. I did once as part of a season and hated it. But there’s something I’ve always wondered for those that do play hardcore, especially if you play it exclusively.

When you’re in a group, doing a Rift or Greater Rift (where everyone is usually on screen together), and another player’s character dies, how does that make you feel?

I think about how long it will take to recover. That’s why we need crafting materials and a stash of extra items. Hours of upgrading gems again.

Lawful Good
I’ll offer a power-level for their replacement hero and hope they have some spare gear in the Stash to get up and running again.

Chaotic Evil
Bwahahaha, that’s another +1 to my PK count!


most of my deaths or friend deaths are taken whit a good laugh, we power level in 10 minutes and back to action

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nothing… or fun :rofl:

we continue playing til RG then close… after that, we offer a power level.
I play GR only with my friends… it’s really unusual that there’s someone dying in the game… unless they lag/dc.

we’ve already come to accept the reality of dying in HC that we accept it and move on immediately.

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While I have yet to join a HC group for play, Initially I was very much saddened in solo play…As I play more HC I find less sadness and moe resolve to be better and faster the next go around.

I would fell the same I guess for others…First couple might be a little sad, but knowing how quickly one can level I know its not the end and a new version of that player will quickly emerge

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I don’t play exclusively hardcore. My non-seasonal characters have 625 paragon. I did hardcore for this season (first time) and got to about the same. It’s fun and rewarding… however, I rarely do anything in a group. So far, I’ve only lost one kid.