Something is wrong with the loot system

Well, I’m assuming You could technically never get a primal one. % chance is there but it’s still like playing the lotto.
Just to make sure you know, the new we/rend build doesn’t need the skull grasp as it’s damage is rend.
If your going pure ww then good luck!

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The universe’s way of letting you know that SG is worthless anyway. Rend is the damage dude.


I think your right & I should move on but to what I been doing Barbs & WD forever anything else out there worth looking into?

Barb and WD are good. Just instead of ww as the damage dealer, it’s now rend. This leaves a ring slot open so now you can use coe.

Any class except Necro. It just sucks.

Currently having a blast with Steed Valor Crusader hybrid.

I have a primal Skull Grasp and it’s sat in my non-seasonal Stash because the core build for WW/Rend now utilises CoE, BoM and ORotZ. For more details, check this out…

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The loot system is fine.

Here is your Primal Skull Grasp:

Not mine. Someone shared at General Chat just now.

Don’t try to get a specific primal. Try for good ancients. There is very little difference between a primal and a well-rolled ancient. And many well-rolled ancients are better than poorly rolled primals of the same item.

Focus on getting a full set of ancients. With a little luck, a couple of them might turn out primal. Trying to specifically target primals for every slot is just a recipe for frustration, unless you have hundreds of thousands of souls and then run nothing but bounties for weeks on end.

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Even more important is not bothering to try to get ancient / primal items that aren’t useful a build any more, i.e. Skull Grasp for WW/Rend.


ww ring ain’t a thing anymore just get your rend belt and be happy

It kind of sucks that we have to rely on luck only to get a primal. Would be great if there was a crafting system where we could salvage primals for a material and using an X amount of that material with an ancient would turn that into a primal. At least this way we can actually work towards an achievable goal of having a specific item to be a primal.

D3 is just one big casino in Las Vegas. Every time we Rift is like pulling the lever on a slot machine to see what we get.

That is what A-RPGs are supposed to be tbh.
(not saying D3s randomness is good, it feels bad, because you keep getting the same items again and again with all kinds of variations. But D2 was random too)

I learned my lesson during D1, I spent a tremendous amount of hours looking for a magic quality item that never dropped.
In D3 I salvage Primals on a daily basis, maybe WittyGem is right :wink:

I think that D3 itemization rely too much on probabilities, even if you offer a solution which make sense, the issue is to have 3 layers of every legendary items and this create even more probabilities.
When we had only 1 layer this was relatively static even though it wasn’t, in the end Primals are cheaper to re-roll but doesn’t give a big advantage over Ancient.

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You never know though, what if a patch comes along and buffs WW to apply the 2pc and 4pc damage mod just like Rend has? Suddenly that SG would be best in slot.

Of course the chances anytime soon are slim to none being as right now that’s the best set with just Rend applying the damage, but maybe next patch changes all the other sets and we’ll see WW needing a catch up again in the future.

Point being if it seems like it’s got a decent damage mod that wouldn’t need a future buff, and it’s perfectly rolled, you should still want it in your collection.

All my life or so playing lottery and I’m still not rich.

There’re things with very very very low chances, dude, and this is one of them. Very likely to never get one.

The easiest way to leave a casino as a millionaire is to enter it as a billionaire.


It would still be worthless because then you gotta refarm that :poop:

Only nerfs are retroactive :wink:

On that note I still got an old near-primal Golemskin Breeches with the +damage% to Golem instead of cooldown.

This idea I like. But…

  1. Would one craft an already owned item as a reroll?
  2. Are the primal stats really worth the cost above a well rolled ancient?
  3. Given the low probability of finding a specific ancient, could this be done from the normal or even (dare I say) rare level?
  4. Bots would own primals,
  5. Another post discusses trading. Heaven forbid this PLUS trading.

No you wouldn’t, sets are retroactive. The SG would still do 400%. Putting the same effect as Rend gives WW a 16x boost so no need to touch SG’s modifier, hence primal right now would be BiS.