Some help please

1000 hrs today according to the previous post :grin:

The exact text from the email:

From August 13–16 , beginning at 3 a.m./5 a.m. AEST/NZST , heroes who pre-purchased Diablo II: Resurrected or the Diablo Prime Evil Collection will have Early Access to the Open Beta.


Well that explains the confusion. That email is certainly not correct if that is what it says.


Why are timezones and communication so hard.

Edit - I sent a note to the CMs with the post so they can coordinate with the email folks/improve the process.


19h and 15 min from this post and you and all others here will be playing it :partying_face:

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i was worried after warcraft remaster i said here we go again LOL , phew musta been a typo

Go by the Map. Not sure who may have sent that email :slight_smile:

Apologies for the confusion <3


Any Ideas on when an announcement will be Made about the start of a Ladder or if Ladder RW will be ungated for a short time?


You’re apologizing because YOU sent the email without changing the dates :wink::rofl:

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Download will be up only when the servers are on? can’t download here, wanted to download to be ready for tmw…

Yea just to second Killercat comment, could we get any idea of how long after full launch we will have to wait until the start of the ladder?


You can download now. If downloading on PC, in the Blizzard launcher click the drop down menu above the install button and select beta. You should be able to start downloading it then. If it doesn’t, try restarting the Blizzard app. If on console, go to your owned games tab and there should be a beta client available to download there.

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oh thank you :smiley: got it

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All the updates, dates, times are available online. WHY DOES NO ONE READ?

I don’t know. However, in this case it does seem an email was sent with incorrect or confusing information. So, that process can be improved in the future.

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now i am wondering why i got no email about the beta. i mean i am sure i will have access because i was already able to pre download but if an official email went out it’s weird it only went to some.

There are ten million posts about ladder. Can we please get some clarification?
How soon after launch can we expect ladder? (hours, days, weeks, months?)
If there is no ladder at launch, will ladder only items be available for non ladder?
Will there be any more information about ladder plans announced before launch day?


It went to my “Promotions” folder in Gmail. There is also an option to not get Blizzard promotional emails like that that you can set via your Bnet account settings.

If you want Blizzard promotions you may need to go to your account and check your media settings and opt in.

From Account Settings scroll down to the Communications preferences

if you are talking about the “Receive News and Special Offers from Blizzard Entertainment” i have that enabled and still got no email from them. i don’t have a promotions folder i set up my gmail just to use the standard inbox not the weird pre sorted tags they added.

I did not set up the Promotions thing. Gmail seems to have done it on its own? Or I don’t remember it anyway?

It is worth checking the auto settings Gmail did to you. I have a bunch of auto generated folders it dumps things to if I am not careful to watch them.

It was sent on Aug 10th if you need a search date.

yeah they did it a while back but when they added it you could click a banner on the top that let you switch back to no sorting the inbox now days you would manually go into your settings > all settings > inbox > uncheck everything but primary in the categories and you are back to having no tabs just an inbox that has all emails.