Some help please

Quick one team , downloaded the beta , i have ppre purchased the game , the play button is not allowing game play on the beta , it was active 0300 hrs this morning . Its now 0718 hrs and i can not play the beta . I hope its not another bait and switch

The beta will not be available until 10AM PST. I don’t know why it would have been clickable earlier today, but the servers won’t be live until the above time.

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You might just have to wait until it actually starts before you can log in bro.


ok thanks .
The launch was supposed to be in AUS 0300 and NZ 0500 they must have changed the time

Thanks again

Early Access Beta starts on Friday August 13th at 10am PDT. That means California time. Here is the map from the announcement. If you have trouble with time and date conversion, just give a large city in your time zone and someone can help you by telling you when it starts for you.


They did not change the time. Look at the date - Friday Aug 13 at 10am PDT is the same as Aug 14 where you are :slight_smile:

I read on reddit that someone else got an email with the incorrect times listed for Australia and New Zealand.


Thanlyou :smiley: My email does say 0300 and NZ 0500 , I wish i seen this before hand i would have not got up for it LOL

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That’s correct, I’m in Australia and I got an email saying that it was open from Friday 13th at 3am AEST. That was 4 hours ago lol. So looks like it’s actually going to be tomorrow at 3am.

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1000 hrs today according to the previous post :grin:

The exact text from the email:

From August 13–16 , beginning at 3 a.m./5 a.m. AEST/NZST , heroes who pre-purchased Diablo II: Resurrected or the Diablo Prime Evil Collection will have Early Access to the Open Beta.


Well that explains the confusion. That email is certainly not correct if that is what it says.


Why are timezones and communication so hard.

Edit - I sent a note to the CMs with the post so they can coordinate with the email folks/improve the process.


19h and 15 min from this post and you and all others here will be playing it :partying_face:

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i was worried after warcraft remaster i said here we go again LOL , phew musta been a typo

Go by the Map. Not sure who may have sent that email :slight_smile:

Apologies for the confusion <3


Any Ideas on when an announcement will be Made about the start of a Ladder or if Ladder RW will be ungated for a short time?


You’re apologizing because YOU sent the email without changing the dates :wink::rofl:

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Download will be up only when the servers are on? can’t download here, wanted to download to be ready for tmw…

Yea just to second Killercat comment, could we get any idea of how long after full launch we will have to wait until the start of the ladder?


You can download now. If downloading on PC, in the Blizzard launcher click the drop down menu above the install button and select beta. You should be able to start downloading it then. If it doesn’t, try restarting the Blizzard app. If on console, go to your owned games tab and there should be a beta client available to download there.

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