SOJ and COE question


I’m wondering what is the synergy between both SOJ and COE:

SOJ adding 20% Cold damage, bracers adding 20% Cold Damage and 20% Amulet Cold damage

Using a Physical skill, when the COE gets to physical, do you get 60% (SOJ) + 200% (COE) physical and the rest of the time 60% ? or does it cap at 200% on physical due to the dynamic setting of COE?

Let’s use multipler rather than percentages.
Total 60% cold = %60 physical = x1.6 multiplier.
CoE at physical is 200% = x3 multiplier
CoE at non-physical is 0% = x1 multiplier
These two multipliers are independent and they multiply together

When CoE at physical = 1.6 x 3 = x4.8 mulitiplier.
When CoE at other elements = 1.6 x 1 = x1.6 multiplier