So you think you can Whirl? (Season 21)

This is a little different to what I used to do in the past few seasons in respect to gear, but we continue on with what we have here. Completed Journey and Greater Rift 101 to rank in Top 100 for Solo Barbarian in Hardcore. Achievable before you reach Paragon 800 and not wearing any Ancient/Primal items.


Rend (Bloodbath)
Whirlwind (Blood Funnel)
Ignore Pain (Bravado)
Furious Charge (Merciless Assault)
Battle Rage (Into the Fray)
Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity)
Nerves of Steel
Boon of Bul-Kathos

Kanai’s Cube…

Ambo’s Pride
Band of Might


Wrath of the Wastes
Bul-Kathos’s Oath
Pride of Cassius (6 seconds)
The Flavor of Time
Mortick’s Brace
Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac (8% Cooldown Reduction)
Stone of Jordan or Convention of Elements


Bane of the Stricken
Esoteric Alteration
Gogok of Swiftness or Taeguk

Tip 1. Can wear Rubies for Strength or Diamonds for Resistance.
Tip 2. Diamond in Helm for Cooldown Reduction.
Tip 3. Emeralds in Weapons for Critical Hit Damage.
Tip 4. Aim for 54.30% Cooldown Reduction.
Tip 5. Critical Hit Chance > Rend Damage > Physical Damage > Critical Hit Damage
Tip 5. Pickup Radius for speed runs.
Tip 6. Strength and Vitality for Toughness.
Tip 7. Good luck!

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Spin-to-win barb is always a blast. I chose to roll with the necromancer this time around… though I think I may be reaching the cap of what I’m willing to do without dying on that toon… I might level my barbarian and see if I can’t build a wastes set.

Shouldn’t take long, but feel free to mix around the skills. Don’t really like using Band of Might and Furious Charge, but it’s a cheap build for Toughness.

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Yeah, I tend to not be a cookie cutter build person. I’ll use builds as an idea. The rest depends on what I can get and what is fun/feels right.

I am Lloyd, and I approve this message!