So today, Patch Notes!


Monday usually we get the Season Preview yes?

S27 was on 8/15/2022 , so is safe to say that today we will know about nerfs and (hopefully) buffs! :slight_smile:

Any speculation ?

Edit: I will just leave this here →

Edit2 : Patch Notes are Live →


You mean the final patch notes? Today? I wouldn’t bet on it. This week? Probably.

I hope you are correct. I’m looking forward to the changes nerfs/buffs alike.

I think I am at least 1 week too soon lol.

My math was bad on this one! :))

S27 didn’t even ended. Oh well …


S27 is scheduled to end on the 19th so getting the final patch notes as early as today is unlikely. Possible yes but unlikely.

I’m hoping we get them soon as I wish to see what changes and fixes have been implemented since the PTR. There were several things broken on the PTR and all changes since will go live untested.

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Just remove conduit and shield from the potion mix and let her ride


I’d say tomorrow is a safer bet.

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We have been getting final notes 6 days prior to ending of season since season 23. Id say its perfectly reasonable to assume notes will be later today. Yea… things can change but thats just the pattern as of right now.

Yes, we should have patch notes today.

Based on normal timelines we should have the season announcment and patch notes today and the patch should go live on the 21st.

Actually, yea! We have been getting the Season 27 Preview on 8/15/2022 . Season 26 ended 08/21/2022 and Season 27 begun 08/26/2022 .

Since Season 27 ends this Sunday, its safe to assume that today we will actually be getting patch notes! :slight_smile: Or tomorrow …


Yep, I did a small write up for it over here.

I imagine we will get the final patch notes or preview and season start date on Feb 13th. (Monday)

We get:
Final Notes and Season start date announcement on Monday
Patches on Tuesdays
Season Ends on Sundays
Season starts on Fridays

(Only posted 2 full season cycles here - I did verify with old previews tho and seen its been this way since season 22 so I assume it will continue to follow this path)

Season 26 Preview Apr 4th(Monday).
Season 25 end April 10th(Sunday).
Season 26 Patch Live on April 12th (Tuesday)
Season 26 Start April 15th (Friday)

Season 27 Preview Aug 15th(Monday).
Season 26 end Aug 21(Sunday).
Season 27 Patch Live on Aug 23rd (Tuesday)
Season 27 Start Aug 26th (Friday)

Based on this we see:

Next Season Preview and start date 6 Days prior to the current season end. Next Season Patch on the following Tuesday, with the new season live the Friday of the season ending week.

(Yes, I know things can change and this isn’t set in stone… Just establishing a pattern here)

So for season 28 I imagine it goes…

Feb 13th Final notes and Season start date announced.
Feb 19th Season 27 End
Feb 21st Season 28 Patch goes live
Feb 24th Season 28 start.


I have my :popcorn: ready let todays entertainment begin.

There are almost always changes from PTR to Live that the public never tested, and in some seasons those have been significant. It’s all about generating enough data on the public realm for them to make their own final decisions.

What kind did we microwave today?

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  • Act II Hidden Camp Smackdown
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Live maintenance popped up on Bnet Launcher! :grin: for 2/14
Season announcement either today or tomorrow


Only thing that’s certain… Whatever the patch ends up being, somebody will complain. Maybe even someone will quit?


Best comment today this is for you :point_right: :popcorn: enjoy the show.


I’m going to quit before they can get mad at the notes and quit just so I don’t need to hear about it. xD


Bravata is that you?? :rofl:


“I quit” is now on the D2R forum. I am sure “I quit” will be back when the 30 day vacation from this forum is over.