So Tal Rasha needs another 10 more years for damage buff?

As PTR is coming to an end in a few days, it seems that there won’t be any damage improvements for Tal Rasha and meteor. So much hope, so much feedback and all is wasted! But do not hurry, we will wait another 10 years, no problemo.


It’s so frustrating that adding 0’s do things can easily fix them and they just don’t do it.


Not surprised in the lease, I waited +3years for an update/fix for Tal Rashas set and I got Meteor DMO instead and I don’t think the DMO damage buff works with the 2 piece tals at all or I’m hallucinating and Meteor damage is garbage.

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Am sure it gets a buff for season 29 when it’s overlapping with D4 launch :smiley:


We also had a lot of very overdue changes finally drop last Tuesday, so I’m holding out hope that tomorrow will bring some good news again. Buff for wizards, buffs for saders, bugfixes for WD, rework for that one monk Crucible that actually nerfs them, etc etc.


The train is wrecked for S27 since otherwise we should have seen or heard about it by now. Well, unless they extend the PTR again or dare to slap together some random last minute stuff… yup, don’t believe that either. Whatever, my guesstimate is we have to wait for PTR S29 to see anything meaningful regarding Tal Rasha.


The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment


Yeah I was hoping. Gotta stop that.

Maybe we should all just agree to give 1 type of feedback:
1 Main Skill,
1 buff skill,
1 defense skill,
1 pixel density skill,
1 dash skill,
Lazy build,
must use CoE,
and everything Cliche about the class.

Anything else must instantly be shut down and the person suggesting it should be ridiculed for even thinking the game could be different.


No need for that, Blizz will ignore it automaticly.


We’ve been giving them good feedback for years. Literally, they have done the exact opposite at times. It’s obvious that’s it’s either ego, incompetence or disinterest at this point.


Or they have abandoned these forums.


A full week for PTR to end.

D3 won’t have 10 more years.

Okay, enough drama !

Straight fact is Tal Rasha is dead.

Blizz nerfs and doesn’t give a hoot about the fun we HAD!

This is what we all deal with.


I cant remember the last blue post that responded to feedback. There are announcements-type posts pretty much exclusively for years.


Yes that’s why my conclusion is that they don’t check in anymore.


was hoping for a patch today to see if they do anything with tal rasha. If not then why bother having a feedback forum when its clear the majority of wiz players want this set buffed. Just waiting to see a blue reply saying “GuYs We PuT MeTeOr In Dmo”

yes, yes i do and I feel betrayed for being a loyal tal rasha player and waited +3years to get a buff/fix/update. I felt promising with the change to the 2 piece but it also felt extremely underwhelming compared to other set changes in the past.

If there isn’t any additional changes of mechanics or damage output to Tal Rashsas compared to DMO(which is the 3rd iteration) of the set now, then we can all conclude tal rasha is a dead set and the D3 Team does not care.

If you haven’t noticed PTR ends in 2 days, not in a week.

You are expecting way too much from them :stuck_out_tongue:


Pure stupidity in granting meteor to DMO bonuses. Yes, DMO is a forgotten set, but you don’t hard sell a set like this. Meteor needs to be reverted from DMO, Tal Rasha should be the go to Meteor set. Clear set playstyle/identity > power level. Only with a distinctive identity, then the performance tier can be correctly set.


Expecting or predicting?