So How Do You Get a Ramaladni's in this Game?

It seems the Hellforge Embers take up all the drop slots :sob:

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I’ve played a little, only 450 and I’ve seen 2 gifts and 6 embers

Just like everything else in this game, grind baby grind! :rofl:

I haven’t been lucky enough to find one yet this season, but I’m only like Paragon 600-something. Before too long I’ll be swimming in more than I could ever need, like always.


Yeah frustrating as my alter progress is stuck. Over 650 para and not a sniff

Could be worse. Staff was the bottleneck for many. I usually find at least 2 ancient puzzles in my casual play throughs.

The guaranteed way of getting a Ramaladni (and most other items that you can’t seem to get to drop) is to make a topic about it here.
If you continue to play after this post you are guaranteed to get a Ramaladni’s gift soon(er or later).


Many farts into the abyss!

LOL yes I have noticed that in the past. It’s the main reason I made this thread!

I have eight echoing nightmare drops but no gifts yet. I’m stuck there on the altar. Awful. I even saved my challenge rift cache and I still can’t get the stupid thing to drop. Every other season I would have like 15 by now.

9 embers, 0 gifts here.

I’d be ok with that. Not got an ancient yet worthy of a gift.

Hey finally got one! Straight onto the altar I don’t need more damage yet :grin:

I got 8 left after using 3 of them

Or reply to said topic. I got my gift an hour later. However, I could use a couple more to actually use on my weapons.

I got one early and used it for the Altar, so still farming. Got a long way to go still.

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This absolutely worked!!! Read this post and the very next game it dropped!



I finished the season journey at P595 with 2 RG,10 embers and 3 primal.

I feel you, I have my Staff of Herding done (actually got Gibbering gemstone on first drop before I even purchased a Wirt’s Bell lolol) but stuck on ancient puzzle ring so doesn’t even matter since that’s a few steps behind Staff.

At least I’ll actually get level and gear progression hunting for the ring though vs the other way around being stuck on Staff for 3 days straight in S28!

Even though it really seems like it, I don’t believe Embers take Cube’s drop slot as I’ve had both drop from the same mob once for a total of 3 already and not even paragon 800 yet with perma exp pools and lots of exp shrines, but that might be the Visions talking. Do more Visions!

got another rami while gathering staff of herding parts. I forgot where the mushroom was, asked in chat, everyone is helpful so I start rolling. 5 minutes later I get the gibbering gemstone, show it in chat, ppl are like; seriously? lol

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Yeah they upped the drop rate on the gem stone big time. Got mine without even trying