So... D2R Worth a buy?

You’ll be on the right forum, which is a good place to start.

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I don’t have D2R either but it seems that I can create thread at D2R console too. :point_down:


And you can post at Diablo Reddit for the answer too.

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Again I don’t use or own a console so there would be no point in joining a console discussion when I’m clearly looking for info. for the PC game. You’ll expect me to base a potential purchasing decision for a PC game, on the opinions of console players. No thanks.

If I was going to post on reddit then I would not bother to log in here.

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Definitely worth a buy. I am having a blast on D2R which really looks and sounds great, about to finish the Nightmare mode and getting ready for Hell! I am nevertheless looking forward to D3 season 25, whenever it comes…

I got limited D2 play time in me, so I’m waiting until they start patching / making seasons / etc before I go crazy with it. Plus im saving it for something to do in-between seasons. Worth picking up though if you have a job. :stuck_out_tongue:

U dont own console so u dont post about it there. But u dont own the game so why u post about it at all? U wanna base your decision on d3 players opinion rather than d2r players opinion who actually play the game and bought it? clap clap

Again this is the d3 forum:

The forum guidelines says it all. If u dont agree take it with blizzard.

Which would have been the right place to ask. U shouldnt have bothered to log in here and ask about d2r stuff. Also u asking for ppls opinion. U have 20 friends playing d2 and u cant ask one of them? Its a matter of opinion if its worth or not depends what u like and what u are after. It doesnt take much effort to just google d2r reviews and check what it have to offer and make your own decision. Infact its less effort and more accurate than making a new post on another game forum and waiting for a respons. Also there are plenty of threads in the d2 forum where ppl share their opinion of the game u can find all u need to make a decision there.

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Oh thank you sir for pointing out the stupidity of locking the D2R forums to pre-order folks only so that any non-pre-order folks have no voice. I don’t like consoles. I don’t own a console. I generally don’t care for the console experience. So, by those inclinations I’m going to avoid console sub-forums and console discussions. You’ll have pardon my query of the D3 RoS General forum.

Boss, it’s like going into a Honda forum asking questions about a Toyota. D2R and D3 are two separate games.


I cannot get into McDonald’s because I did not purchase any food, so I will go to Burger King and ask people if McDonald’s burgers taste good.


D3 forums have exactly the same limitations. Without valid PC license you can’t post basically in any other sections than console. Thus your complaints about D2R forum limitations are moronic.

Threads about D2R in D3 forums have been instructed to be flagged as spam. If you want to discuss about D2R before buying it, then go to the official D2R forum console section or Reddit. Posting in D3 forums you are effectively breaking the rules.


I’ll back off. 20 ch

I would just add that some people are regulars on the D3 forum but they hardly ever play D3. :point_left:

I play both games and for me D3 is far superior to D2R, but I am now ready for D4. :pray:

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You just asked if it worths buying it. Console players still would give you information regardless of the platform. You can also post at reddit boards. Irrelevant if you don’t do social media.

For me it worths a buy for sure, but I’ll wait. If I can watch streamers play it for hours without getting bored then I can play it for hours as well. Just there are a few issues and bugs at the initial release and my system not up for it yet.

Thank you and thank you.

Absolutely buy it! At least you’ll get another forum to gripe on. It’s a win win.


Do you want to replay D2 with a shiny veneer? If so then your answer is yes. If not then don’t bother. While D2 is my least favorite(for the kids in the back of the room, that doesn’t mean hate) of the three games, I would have pulled the trigger if the wife was interested just to play it with her.

The new graphics alone make it worth it since that covers up that awful frame rates(I know it’s for game play reasons) to achieve a much smoother combat. But all in all, it still has many if the things I’m not much of a fan over that most ARPGs have moved on from.

But really if you enjoy D2, just buy it an play it, that is unless you only enjoyed it with mods.

and here we see another person that does not know how to read the forum rules!

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i´ve been trying to buy it but struggling with credit card payment. anyone else?

there are some good features but the graphics ain´t among them imo. very overrated.
i´ll probably stick to old graphics.
fingers crossed they´re gonna increase quantity of throwing weapons so i can make a proper axe-thrower barb.

Will never happen. Blizzard could have added more content and fixes and balances , etc over the past few decades but they never once did. It’s a miracle they even did D2R. Sad, it’s another missed opportunity for the greatest ARPG of all time, like they have something against this title. I would not buy D2R at full price, $10 would be fair.

The beat feature has been the cross platform progression. Play on PC, swap to Switch… return to PC. It requires 2 copies of the game and a subscription to the online service provided by your console manufacturer.

I wish D3 had this.