Sliver of Terror devestating ring

I am unsure if this is bug or not but i had a stack up to 24 for the devastating fire proc and when i went to a new floor in a rift the stack reset.

if you die or 20 seconds pass the counter is reset

What is the damage of the ring anyway? Chances are, it’s complete garbage like every other DoT/Proc that comes from an item.

Currently on PTR the fire ring can one-shot GR150 guardians.

Well, that’s a thing. It explains why 150 was done so fast.

Seems to reset every time you change floor, and also sometimes you need to kill a lot of monsters before the counter even starts, can clear hafe a floor before the stack counter begins.

It resets when you leave the floor because in season 19 (?) people would leave the GR, go kill a bunch of turd mobs in some random area, and then go back and use the season theme proc on the GR.

But the way it’s currently implemented is bugged. It shouldn’t reset when changing floors, and it should start up again immediately. In my testing it looks like reaching a new paragon level or losing a pylon effect triggers a refresh that allows the stacks to start back up again.

This seems to not happen when playing in groups. The stacks remain when going thru the doors.

I posted this on a similar thread. This seems to be related to having the follower equipped. It works just fine for some people but others are reporting this issue. Entering the rift without the follower allows stacks to start on first kill and you are able to go thru doors with stacks.

This bug appears to be fixed along with a double nerf to the ring of fire. I doubt it will see much play going forward.