Simulacrum doing nothing

I spent a few hours today playing the simulacrum poison grim scythe build and overall it was ok, but, once per 5-10 minutes the simulacrum just stopped attacking and just followed me around doing nothing… well, when I fired a bone spear, they would also fire bone spears, but they were not swinging their grim scyths, which means that my toon was doing almost no damage since the damage comes from the simulacrums scyths. Since the simulacrum last forever, with the amulet, I have no cooldown so that means that I have to wait 2 minutes before I can recast them and get them going again. In the last run that I did it happened 4 times in a row which means that I was doing no damage for 8 minutes of a run that should only have taken 3-4 minutes. Is there a bug here or is there a known interaction that is avoidable?

This -> Create a Simulacrum made of blood that will duplicate your Secondary skills for 15 seconds.

They do nothing if you don’t cast secondary skills.

The new version of Haunted Visions allows them to duplicate Grim Scythe, and they do, sometimes. It’s bugged though and they stop duplicating Grim Scythe in some circumstances.

If you swap skills or take off the Haunted visions for any reason, the sims may despawn.
Self Sacrifice rune is also there, so if they are dying, that would definitely be why.

Maybe you should post a video clip to show us the issue. On the PTR I did not encounter any such issues, it’s possible I just didn’t have the same set of skills or items that cause it.

If you confirm it’s a bug, move the thread over to the bug forums.

There is already a post, with video, in the bug forum.

Found it, replied there. This is most likely cause based on the video evidence:

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