Side quest not making sense D4

Hello there,

I just finished a side quest where you are supposed to deliver food for a hungry farmer named Tadhg and his family in Scosglen - The Strandflats. When I arrived his house is surrounded by many chickens, cows and pigs.
It just doesn’t make sense guys :smiley:
I would post a screenshot, but i didn’t find how and it doesn’t let me share a link here…

You make no sense posting D4 stuff in D3 forum.


A simple search…

The very first link returned…


It is just the way things are nowadays in Sanctuary. Instead of fighting the hordes of evil, you are working for Tristram’s Door Dash. Back in the old days when Cain was alive, you fought evil and let the farmers turn cows, pigs, chickens into hamburgers, bacon, and nuggets. In this modern world of Sanctuary, you work for the evil corporation and deliver food to the farmer who has barely enough energy to place his order on the app.