Should D3 has "Masochist Mode"?

You know, a mode where the drop rate for everything is 0.001% and open trading is allowed with trade on bound built-in for those who hate “raining legendaries” mode? Paragon capped at 600, and the exp to reach P600 is just as long as getting D2 Lv99 journey in D2 time, and you lose 10% exp when you died, and your gear’s durability gets destroyed immediately when you died to create the feeling that you lost your body when you died in D2. Also, the repair costs increased by 5x times more.

And of course, except for extracting Kanai Cube and Reforge Legendary, other Kanai Cube features will get disabled as well.

Kadala’s cost will be increased as well. 250 bloodshards for every type of item with 0.001% to get legendary items.

I would want to see how long do those crowd who doesn’t like current D3 will last in that mode. :smiley:

The problem is you’d still be playing Diablo 3.

The people who don’t like D3 wont last long in any mode because…they don’t like Diablo 3.

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There are many who don’t hate D3, but after 7.5 years there is a game fatigue factor. This occurs in all games after enough play.

In regard to the first question about a new mode, why bother when there is a new version of Diablo in the future. (distant or near I’m not certain)

Sure there are plenty of people who don’t, but the OP is aimed at the people who do.

They literally ended on “I would want to see how long do those crowd who doesn’t like current D3 will last in that mode.”

To which the problem for those people is: They’re still playing Diablo 3, which is a game they don’t like.

You still don’t solve the core issues of the game lol, even if you quadruple kadala’s prices you’ll still “bank in” trillions of gold which will end up worth not at all

You’ll also still do the crit multipliers as the only way to play the game, you’ll still have no skill diversity, late game will still be skipping and pulling mobs to kill with 1 “execute”-like ability and that’s what it is

We’re past that point now ATM, D3 is fine for those that like a game like D3, personally I’d like to fight 5 dangerous mobs at a time rather than a zoo of “nobodys” and would rather be “stopped” mid-way during a dungeon if playing bad and restart all over instead of “race with time” but that’s just a different taste and direction… D3 has it’s own identity, some like it, some don’t

I personally love the game (even it’s skill diversity flaws and gear) but not it’s endgame character… Don’t like to “endlessly progress” instead would rather do “extremely hard” dungeons and get either temporary bonuses to move forward or be “scripted” as achievements/awards

“Racing against time” simply isn’t my forte, and think that many that dislike D3 that is one of the main reason/s for it tbh

bring back real money auction house I might be interested in it

If there’s a proper punishment then game ought to give you diverse ways of tackling difficulties with different approaches. When everyone seeks damage mitigation and damage boost to the point of breaking the game progress scale, no one really gonna care about lesser grade builds as game decided to punish you further for your mistakes.
While I’m all in for a good re-routing and overhauls to the gameplay for punishment and encouraging reflex based tricks and skill; penalizing the mistakes without diversity only would cram people in just one cookie cutter approach. That would hurt the suffering build diversity at the long run.

That’s one of the mistakes that Diablo 2 did back in time; everyone ought to have that Hammerdin and MF-Sorceress, however, you had so many character slots it hardly mattered. Same doesn’t really fly with Diablo 3 with people barely finding incentives for using item mule characters.

Want punishing game style where reflexes and quick resolves are a respected earn of skill? Provide a generous diversity in among different Sets. Allow different sub ordinate specialists to be sprout and use substitutes for reaching a comparable character power. Make sub specs to become subclasses of their own within’ a theme or purpose.

Then we can talk about a punishing gameplay in Diablo 3. While it’s one of the major flaws that this game has, it’s not entirely one dimensional by any means.

Should D3 has “Masochist Mode”?

It already does. It’s called playing solo.

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Need sado masochist mode with only barbs in leather.

We already had that for the 2 first year’s of D3’s shelf life.

Stupid thread is stupid.