Share Your DLC Ideas

I got turned onto the idea of new DLC content and I decied to start a thread dedicated to sharing ideas.

“Try before you buy”
On another gaming system that is named after a state of energetic water I was able to allow a friend to ‘guest’ into a game I liked so he could see for himself why I thought it was worth the purchase. I own a second copy of D3 that I used to use for item storage before bound on account became a thing. As long as a guest can’t mess with the main stash nor change the worn gear (of the hero and of the followers) I’d love to use that account to get more friends to play the game. This could be tested here and ported to other Diablo games later.

“Bound on linked accounts”
This would solve the inventory shortage problem for people that play all the classes and use all the class builds, and for people like me that enjoy creating new class builds. The idea is that I can move all my Dex gear to one linked account, and all my Str gear to another freeing up more swap space for experiments. I’d probably link another account just for storing obsolete items (like my Etched Sigils that procs Arcane spenders). Its a great way to get current players to spend more money on an old game.

Another way to share items that are bound on account only this would be between your account and one other persons account. Could be expandable into a “bound on clan” group share. Problems arise when people want to ‘divorce’ or ‘kick’ someone from their clan. Highly unlikely to be implemented for that reason alone, but still a beautiful idea.

Blizzards dlc idea is no more dlc.

What the hell are you even talking about?

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This isnt dlc. Its sharing accounts. Nice try

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New classes like Druid would be excellent DLC.
More stash space/character slots is also requested frequently and would find buyers easily.

Transmogs, wings, pets, cosmetics… the usual.

Solo modes with selectable season theme, that lets you start a solo game with like soul shards or ethereals theme anytime.
It’s content already in the game and waiting years for it to return sucks

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object management mode. a mode in which you enter alone, you have 10 extra chests that you will not be able to see in a normal game, but in which you can store your items.

Last DLC they released was a battle pass and renown system for $100.

Yes, D4 on PC I consider Downloadable Content since we had to download the content.


I’d still like to see the second expansion that got cancelled.

I’d pay for that.

Also for a fix that allows us way more stash.
For example, add many, many stash tabs which only loads / opens when in a solo game. Still shared between all characters, but onle accessible when alone in a game.

4 players x 13 tabs = 52 tabs could be acessible in a solo game without having the technical issues.

Another example would be to add personal stash tabs, only accessible to that character. These would have to replace some shared tabs to honor the max of thirteen. With 5 personal tabs (instead of shared ones) and 7 characters in the mode would net to (7*5)+8=43 tabs, but still max 13 in any game in that mode.

Or a mix of both. That would be neat.

I, myself, would gladly exchange 5 shared tabs for 5 personal tabs.

More character slots are also on my list.

New class, always good as well.

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