Shard salvage bug

The icons for my active skills changed after I salvaged one of the Shards.
There were white stripes accross the icons.

Would it be possible if the Shards didn’t have to be identified before we could use them as well? Just inconvenient and takes up bagspace, unless tradeable.

Shard doesn’t have to be identified, only the hellforge embers. Maybe that’s what you mean?
Never ran into that bug though.

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Like XLL38, I’m not sure what you mean.

I’ve salvaged many of the Soul Shards and my Active Skill icons have not changed. (Are your video card drivers up-to-date?)

Also, you don’t have to Identify them, but you can Upgrade them. (If that’s what you’re talking about). But, you don’t have to upgrade them to “use” them. (The Embers have to be Identified and can be stacked up to 100. They sell for 576 Gold each. That’s 57,600 Gold per stack of 100).