Shadow set and Chakram

I want to ask the other DH players their opinion on why the Shadow set (6 piece) only buffs Impale and doesn’t include Chakram. You can use the 4 piece to include chakram , but that won’t get much over T10-12…

It seems a strangely random decision.

Why not include the other non bow/crossbow weapon in this set ?….it would give players a little choice. It would likely not be as potent as impale, because there is not as much supporting gear for Chakram - I think if they wanted to make the power equal for each , they could raise the Chakram damage multiplier, on the set, to compensate for the lack of other gear that boosts this secondary skill.

So, is there a logical reason? Is it a lore thing? Or is it random ? Do you think opening up chakram in this way would be good? Surely, the ideal set up would be for all skills/sets to offer roughly equal power (in all classes)……but that isn’t the case in D3, is that arbitrary too? Or is there some thinking behind that, perhaps keeping gameplay varied as people level up? I don’t know.


We’ve been asking blizz to add chakram to S6 in some way for years. There is no official answer to your question, as none exist :frowning:


Thanks - I didn’t know that, but it makes sense that DH players have been saying that for a long time. Shame they ignored it.

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The Shadow set is my favorite, I wish they would not only add Chakram, but some other items and buffs for Fan of Knives and the dagger Lord Greenstone’s Fan.

Yes I’m aware there is a variant Marauder/Shadow set fan of knives build, but I’d like more options for the Shadow set itself.

Something as simple as adding to S4:

Cast FoK on the first hit of Impale (x3 with HPS). This effect does not trigger cooldowns (Doesn’t reset LGF). Manually casting FoK deals 20,000% damage (Resets LGF).

It would be a good boom/burst playstyle I believe.

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Once upon a time there was an S4/M4 build which had the Sentries, buffed by the S2 bonus (which back then was 1200% or something, but bigger than the M6 bonus at the time), firing the Chakrams. Then the devs decided it was op and deliberately broke it by making pets unable to benefit from the S2 damage bonus. Ironic that they later decided pets can benefit from the N6 damage bonus (hence the N6/M4 build). They should undo this now irrelevant change, and/or add a Chakram bonus to the 6 piece, and obviously buff the crap out of Sword of Ill Will and Spines of Seething Hatred. This might also bring back my old favourite M6 Chakram build too.

be nice see a javazon added loved them on d2

And back in line with making things work evenly, let HPS work with Sentries like DML does…

The inconsistency of this game makes my teeth itch.