Shadow Clones - Please Remove Them

I’m a naturally serious person in terms of personality…but I’m also fiercely competitive in nature.

I’d rather they pull seasons from consoles altogether if they don’t care…

Use this to fix your screen freezes:

Anyone who is experiencing crazy delays try this from Activision CS:

Deleting the Cache Folder

A corrupted cache folder can cause issues with some Blizzard games. Deleting this folder will not affect your game data and may resolve issues caused by outdated files.

  1. Close any open Blizzard programs.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the Task Manager.
  3. Select the Processes tab.
  4. If agent.exe is running—or Blizzard Update Agent in Windows 10—highlight it then select End Process .
  5. Navigate to the folder containing the cache directory:
  6. Press Windows Key+R to open the Run dialogue.
  7. Type %ProgramData% into the Run field and press Enter .
  8. If a Blizzard Entertainment folder exists in the directory, right-click it and select Delete .
  9. Restart the desktop app and relaunch the game.

Wow. What a big issue

Interestingly enough reflected shots seem to have a limited range. I have seen the reflect shots and they stopped short of my position…note they were my shots and not a clone shot.

this game is broken af… we can do nothing, they (activblizz) will do nothing… i wont complain about nothing in d3 because i dont expect anything i just will play this untill they close the severs

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My computer is bleeding edge as are my peripherals. Your suggestions are inane.

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I have often wondered about this when people mention the lags etc

My computer is slightly older than the game and wasn’t even top of the line back then. Other than getting an SSD in the meantime and a graphics card that is a few years old. I never experience these lags, other than when I had horrible 3G internet and that was just the nature of my connection.

Even now I don’t have the greatest internet and it still doesn’t happen. Is this something that people only experience when they start getting to the higher end with real big pulls?

It is interesting that this happens to some and not others and seemingly not computer/internet quality based.