Severe crashing again this season

My game has been unstable since two patches ago. I try to scan and repair, stop any running programs in the background. No repairs are ever required. This is frustrating. Happens when I come across a yellow enemy like chiltara :frowning: I’m playing a PoJ. Monk.

Same for me, I am having non-stop crashes. I have read several people with the same problem and the suggested solutions were:

  • Disable anti-virus / firewall temporarily
  • Update drivers
  • Reinstall game / repair files
  • Disable overlay softwares/options
    I have tried everything, even installing on a different disk, but nothing worked for me. The crashes seem random, sometimes instant, sometimes 30 minutes into the game, completely unplayable.
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Same as you.
Usually I can play fine fora couple hours and then when I try to rejoin a game it crashes and won’t stop untill the next day.

Have changed from SSD to HD, run as admin, DisableChromaEffects “1”…

I’m getting random game freezes as well. I’m playing in Asia, and these seem to be happening more when joining multiplayer sessions.

Same, this is getting very frustrating. Tried all of the fixes, it is 100% on Blizzard’s side. Makes me less than confident that the D4 launch will be any better than D3’s was. Maybe they will actually let you get in game instead of queue for hours, but fat load of good that will do if the game keeps disconnecting and you have to start over every 5 minutes.

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Same here: This is quite frustrating for me too & it is likewise putting me off of getting D4. D3 used to be a great game & it has a lot of good content this season. But that is all academic when it is barely playable on PC anymore because the game keeps disconnecting, freezing, or hanging severely every few minutes. It only works intermittently now.

Guys all I’ve been able to do is tone down the graphics to potato-quality so I can get through an hour of crash-free time.

I reinstalled for the new season

every time I try to grab the last of the items I have from rebirthing in my previous inventory, it crashes

Blizzard, fix your BS

Crashing a lot here. All drivers are up to date video and windows 10. No anti virus running. No overlays running. i9 9900 and RTX 3070. Cannot launch the game on 64bit client it crashes in less than 5 minutes randomly. in 32bit client it crashes between 1 and 2 hours. Terrible. I play a bunch of steam games with zero crashes in several months.

Already tried moving the game from HDD to NVMe. Reinstalling. Changing game options. This is beyond what i can do.