Server Lag in PTR

I cant even lag anymore i just recieve an error 395002 screen after whole day of 4000 ms =/, ive seen in several other threads ppl having the same issue, PLEASE FIX THE TEST SERVER IT IS PAIN


Can’t login either error 395002 tried repairing deleted reinstalled twice error 395002 without end

what load? we cant even retrieve hero list now.

Hey folks, just passing off some info… Still can’t log in… Error 395004.

So far still the same 395002 error

The lag and login errors are being looked into. Team is working on it.

Sorry for the delay on this. PTRs are fun, right?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was worried about being only a few guys with same issue, ill try to relog later on, thanks for the update :slightly_smiling_face:

After the PTR restarted for updates recently, I’m currently not having any issues. (Latency was huge issue earlier today).


Runs perfect here also, sitting in Denmark :slight_smile:

Will the PTR be extended?


works fine for me also

all problems fixed

thx blizzard

Seriously please, most only got to play a few good working days here. Unless of course the fixes will take extensive work, then it’s understandable.


Agreed. If the issues have been taken care of, let’s test until the 15th and then move on to Live Season 22.

Now the question is Oct. 25 or November 1 for a November 6 start? Guessing here.

It’s not griping it’s simply pointing out Error 395002 is still an issue when people are informing Blizzard they they no longer have the issue. Phantom gripes are a nightmare to fix. Been there, done that, burned the T-shirt, and walked away.

This might be obvious but is it a FMOD issue with additional sounds or animations from the clones? I and many people have had to replace our FMOD (as per a large bug report thread) to play the last season because of lag induced by the seasonal effects. Blizzard did say they are investigating and working on the FMOD issue, but I haven’t seen any progress.

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November 6 is the earliest possible.

That is a 4-month season! Just too long.

Indeed it will…

Hey Pez appreciate all the work but has anyone considered the lag problem has been around for a long time over the last 5 years my ping on D3 has gone from mid 40s to lucky if I can get mid 140s this season it has gotten worse every season for a while and is always blamed on peoples ISPs and other things. The problem persists through non ptr as well so would be worth a look. Thanks again