Serpent Sparker wrong description in Ru (issue since 2019)

For about 2 YEARS I keep repeating this report on every PTR. Every time I keep writing this to support. For 2 YEARS I didn’t get Bliz to fix a negligible translation problem! But for some reason I just keep doing this.

Serpent’s Sparker has WRONG description in Ru!
“You may have one extra Hydra active at a time”
In Ru version they wrote (back translation):
“You may call only one Hydra”
Yes, they wrote the exact opposite.

This is not the first time I notice - people who work in Russian Blizzard section don’t play these games. They only make money and despise these games and worlds, they don’t have any clue and respect to them. Bliz, seriosly, you have a problem with Russian section. Almost every ru blogpost has mistakes in terminology because translators are 3rd party people who never even played this game.

This is pretty bad but definitely not surprising.

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Up. For 2 years I keep repeating this issue on and on, on and on. For 2 years, lazy Bliz. Every PTR. I will keep doing that till you fix.