Seriously please fix stash search


should be able to search for metadata, not just the stupid name of the stupid item. unbelievable how limited this implementation is.

should be able to basically search any of the text that appears in item description/tooltip/etc. as well as implicit metadata.

item quality
required level

these are really just the basics^

a proper system would allow advanced searching for certain numeric values, etc., booleans, etc. like that will ever happen. but yeah.

(Matthew Cederquist) #2

Thanks for the feedback STG. Our initial implementation of the search was meant to be a smaller feature set. We might be able to revisit this in the future.


well, i hope you do revisit it.

doing such minimal implementation of long-deserved QoL features is not a good look for a company that wants to act like its games are accessible.

thanks for replying.


Just double stash size so we can store items in an orderly fashion and we don’t need search at all. Invest dev work in fixing the broken engine (so stashed items don’t count as “actors”) and not into a useless search option.
Or rearrange stash to 5 global and 5 character individual tabs as has been suggested often which would workaround the engine problem nicely.


What are you even trying to search for… Type the name of an item. If you don’t have it, having a more advanced filter isn’t going to find it for you either. Talk about a waste of time.


I want to be able to turn this feature off so I can close the stash by pressing SPACE again.

I seriously have no use for it and it only annoys me.

Edit: To clarify, pressing SPACE used to close the window (like other panels). After the search box got implemented, pressing SPACE will put an empty space character in the the search box.
For people that organize their stash inventory this is an annoyance.

  1. Put a legendary gem into a ring / amulet
  2. Put that ring / amulet into your Stash
  3. Now do a search / filter for the exact name of the legendary gem
  4. The gem is not found, despite you clearly having it


How do you not know what ring you put it in? Just search for the ring. Also, your armory pulls gems from other gear that are necessary for the build you changed into.

Sounds like people just need something to gripe about.


You said the filter would find something if I had it. I gave you an example of how it wouldn’t find something I had. Heck, if you want another example of it being unable to find something you have, if you have a non-English client, and you search for the exact name of something you know you have, it’s case-sensitive as to whether it finds the item or not, unlike the English client which is case-insensitive.

Not only is the filter / search badly implemented, it also starts with focus when the inventory opens. The default key for closing all active windows is SPACE. This works for all other windows / dialogs other than the Stash, which now puts the spaces into the filter textbox instead.

On the PTR which first introduced the filter, the issues of taking focus, case sensitivity, not finding gems that were socketed, and the inability to search by class of item (e.g. “dagger” would find all daggers) or rarity of item (e.g. “primal” would find all primal ancient legendaries) were all given to the devs. All the feedback was ignored, and we got the focus-stealing filter we have now that’s incapable of finding items you actually have, even if you type in the exact name of the item you have.

Short version: good idea, badly implemented.


Could you do this sooner than Soon™? Right now the biggest issue with the search is that it auto-focuses the cursor there, meaning we can’t hit spacebar to quickly leave the inventory. The auto-focus problem needs to come first. We can’t get rid of that soon enough. :frowning:


Auto-focus changed and an ‘x’ to clear the box instead of having to backspace or close and re-open the stash to clear a search are my main hopes for change on stash search.


The stash search focus is easy to fix. Change the “always there” text field to one that only appears after purposely clicking a UI element in the stash tab UI. This way auto-focus is gone and only occurs once a user activates it. Simple.

The functionality bit shouldn’t be that hard to implement either. There are eleventy billion examples all over the place with regard to text fields. Hell, the search field brought up by CMD/CTRL-F in browsers is a good one to mimic. You hit a key combo to bring it up (that’s another way you could do so in-game!), ESC then clears the field, and a second press of ESC closes (un-focuses) the search text field and returns the stash tab to normal.

But it’s that auto-focus that drives people up the wall with regard to the search feature. It shouldn’t be in our faces every time we open the stash as if we’re always expected to use it first and foremost at the expense of every other task we might perform.


Please fix the bug in which Barb’s Nerve of Steel hwn triggers erases all seasonal buff soon! It really slow down my stone upgrading and leveling speed a lot.


Please delete the search function, it’s useless, and always cause trouble, I never use it at all, when accidantly press a button and turn the chest UI to gray, then I have to cancle it or reopen my chest, painfullllllll. Totally disadvantage.

At least add a button to swtich the search function on and off.


Am I the only one that never ever used space for anything in this game? I always used esc to get out of dialogue boxes, or simply moved away… lol

However I used to hit “F” to bring up my follower, so yeah, that now doesn’t work, I have to exit the stash first. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just not sure how everyone ended up on space for it, when the top left row of keys for me were the ones that made the most sense. 1-4 for skills, I use the ` for hold still and the 5 to force move, as well have force move bound to my free spinning logitech mouse.

Doesn’t solve the issue of course. Just for me it only gets in my way if I want to open the follower page while at the stash.

Game on.


Please make it so that the search function does not start until you click on it.
I used to leave the stash with space but this doesn’t work anymore due to it typing in the box.
Same goes for force move (I have it on W), which just types a W in the box when all I want to do is close the stash space.


I wasn’t aware it was broken. I’ve used the search function exactly zero times. I guess that’s because I’m not a hoarder holding onto junk I will never use and I keep my stash organized. I know, I’m sick that way, but what can ya do?


I’ve never used it to search for anything (other than on the PTR to see how / if it worked) but that doesn’t change the fact that the filter textbox automatically gets focus as soon as I open my Stash so pressing Space doesn’t close it, and pressing Enter and starting to type doesn’t put things into the chat window, they go into the Filter instead.


but don’t make it simple. require everyone has the basic understandings of regex in order to use the search filter.



Just remove the auto-focus to the search field.