Seasons almost over

Its time for players to now return and check on their bots. Empty there stash and start botting again…

Thats all this game is now


At least you are not saying the game is in maintenance mode in every post. :-1:

This Bud is for you. :beer:

I have my stash tab, now it’s about helping others, but that is just me. :ok_hand:


The best part about these types of posts is I didn’t even know there were bots for the game until I came to the forums
and now with the constant advertising of bots people can come in say

what there are bots?
why am I playing this game when I can get a bot to do all the work for me?

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4k paragon in a season. Ie botter.
Running constant GR100 over n over n over without commincation and in speed gear. This can hint at it.
Pretty much ? Top 50 leaderboard spots are also botters
Its quite sad game has come to this. I think ppl are just tired and want D4
Alot of the big clans cheat but just dont talk about
Meh what can you do

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I just play the game and don’t spend all my time checking out what everyone else is doing
If I have an hour to spare to play the game, I play the game, not spend 55 mins worrying about and checking out everyone else’s profile to see what they are doing and miss out playing the game


Agree with you completely. This is why i only play early season. I can get legitimate rankings see what i can do b4 the bots take over abd theres no point playing

when does season ends

Season 17 will be ending on August 18 at the following times:
North America: 5:00 PM PDT
Europe: 5:00 PM CEST
Asia: 5:00 PM KST


Did you miss the stickied thread at the top of the forum…

Don’t really see how those rankings at the start are any more legitimate. I mean, you’re just overwhelming people with the amount of time you can shove into a week… which is exactly what the bots do, except over a longer period of time.


Plot Twist: all bots are actually operated by Blizzard employees just to keep the playerbase numbers high to mislead statistical analysis.

At this point, I wouldn’t put them past it.

I have to wonder, why are you making a fuss about it? Sure, it sucks Blizzard does nothing to get them botters, but is it really something even worth posting about? The leaderboards are pretty much meaningless, and the so-called “competition” in this game is essentially a pissing contest about who endures the most on the treadmill, since paragon artificially pads one’s ability to deal with increasingly bloated healthpools.

Botting is but a symptom of a gameplay loop that becomes stale a little to fast, but then again, the designers themselves explicitly stated this game was designed to be played in short bursts, not to remain engaging over lengthy periods of time.

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I only really notice bots mainly in bounties. You can definitely hit top 100 in all leaderboard spots with low Paragon just run zdps and get good at it…I think at one point the #1 Barb in 4 players had 800 Paragon or something. Some of the top 10s in solos also only have only 2k Paragon so I think it’s more skill than anything… either way I don’t really care about what others are doing even with 4k+ Paragon if they don’t play the class well they’re not going to be guaranteed a good leaderboard spot based on main stat…

As the season end was rapidly approaching, I decided it was time to try and push my seasonal HC Barb and see how high I could get her up the leaderboards before she died. This is what I managed…

…just over 800 paragon and about 100 hours, I think.

Great pushing. To bad HC is a wasteland

Doesn’t matter if you play solo.
Besides, it’s about the only thing challenging in this game.