Seasonal vs. Non-Seasonal difficulty

I know playing the last season (21) after GR 90 I stopped depending on the season buff to get me through to GR 100 solo and higher in group play. I just did 95 with no more difficulty than I had in season…though I do wish there had been more than 1 pylon.

4 cube slots is next season, usually it’s just the over powered extra buffs.

Your gain of 357 extra paragon levels doesn’t really translate to a large amount of extra power. That’s only 1785 extra main stat, depending on how much your character had in season that’s propably not enough even for one GR level. Keep in mind that monster health increases 17% every GR level exponentially. You need to gain 17% more damage for each GR level just to maintain the same clear speed.

Then there’s the RNG factor. Even the same level GRs are not equal. Clear times can vary greatly based on tilesets, monster types, densities, etc. That’s why people do a lot rift fishing when pushing high, they might burn through hundreds of keys just to get that one good rift.

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Yes, it is the norm (sadly) to do higher clears with inferior gear and half the paragon.

Same, but I still play, too lazy to start something new after pouring 8 years into this. Not clever enough to work out POE and have 800,000 build variances that you need a mathematician to design for you.
And Fallout 76 sucked a$$


I gained an extra 5 GR’s after the season ended, but that was with 1200 P points. Gear was the same though.

I inspected your hero…

And you really would benefit from reading this…

Immediate suggestions for pushing further…

  1. Helm. You want a new one. STR / VIT / 6% CHC. There’s no point putting 15% Whirlwind damage on any more, all this build’s damage is now from Rend.
  2. Boots. Re-roll the 15% Whirlwind to Armour
  3. Bracers. You want new ones. STR / VIT / 6% CHC / 20% Physical Damage.
  4. Chest. You want a new one. STR / VIT / 15% Rend or STR / VIT / All Resist.
  5. Belt. You want a new one, with a much higher value on the Rend bonus. Get as close to 150% as possible.
  6. Legs. You want new ones. STR / VIT / All Resist.
  7. Amulet. You need a new one. Physical / CHC / CHD / CDR / Socket. (or as close to this as you can manage, you certainly don’t want one with Fire and VIT)
  8. Weapons. If you’re going to use Bul-Kathos weapons, for speed-farming, then you should rune Whirlwind with Blood Funnel and rune Battle Rage with Into The Fray. The way you have them runed currently is what you’d use if you had Istvan’s Paired Blades (Little Rogue + The Slanderer) equipped. You’ve also ruined your primal BK sword by re-rolling the damage from holy to physical. The element of the weapon is irrelevant, it’s the element of your abilities that determine which element your attacks do, not your weapon’s element. (You’ll note that BK swords always have Holy, which is a damage type Barbs can’t do). You should have re-rolled the Attack Speed into CDR, 10% weapon damage or 24% AD.
  9. Threatening Shout / Falter. Pushing much further, you’ll need to start gathering mobs into large packs, so that manually applied Rends (which benefit from AD) can really do some tasty damage. For that you’ll need Ancient Spear / Rage Flip.

Changes like these should see you easily get up to GR115+


You were playing with a seasonal buff (easy mode) to kill stuff faster so they don’t hit you as much. And the type of map matters also, enemy types, elite spawns and frequency, pylon types and location etc. 1 bad run doesn’t mean it’s always gonna be bad.

300 paragon ain’t that much as you go past 100. You would need alot more to jump up a few GRs cause it gets more difficult. GR 110 is different from a GR 120 in non season. It just seems like you were too accustomed to a seasonal (temporary buff) and forgot how to play the game normally without it.

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You just go unlucky. 300 para points is not a massive buff and if your best clear was on a great map, it’s easy to see why you can’t recapitulate that on a bad one.

Also the seasonal themes have been pretty OP the last two seasons…

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yes, playing seasons is much more easy than playing in non season. I got 4000+ paragon in season HC (first time ever) and did GR 137.

Now in non season I was trying to clear 136 with 1000 more paragon, a few better items, and couldnt do it despite I had good map/mobs in serveral tries.

So I went for 135 clear, and finally got it, but definetly much much harder and took a lot of effort to do it.

Sorry for my bad english, cheers from Argentina


357 paragon points is basically nothing.

If you have main stat of 10k (Pretty much what you have starting out), then to go up a single greater rift, you need 2k more primary stat - or 400 paragon.

If you are at 20k stat (Augmented, solid paragon), you need 4k more primary stat (800 paragon) to go up a single GR.

Believe me good gear drops was my biggest problem this past season. I had really crappy drops all season. I was amazed that I even cleared a 110 with my gear.

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You might not have had the best drops during the season but the good ones you did have you messed up with the rolls, Meteorblade gave you some solid advice to help you out.

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Ya, never played much of a barbarian before so I had a steep learning curve.

As others have said, probably comes down to 2 things - map/mob spawn types (RNG) and seasonal buff giving you more DPS. With that said, from my personal experience, there’s no more than a 2-3 GR differential between season and non-seasonal - depending upon the seasonal theme buff of course.

I haven’t pushed with my NS DH - did a 123 with 6.5 mins to spare (s6 impale, post s21 HPS quiver buff) @ p2700 (SC character). I managed a 124 in s21 with inferior gear and only p1233, albeit HC, so more cautious. I reckon I could do a 126 in NS if I pushed really hard and last season, if I’d gotten a much better quiver, possibly a 125 with fishing. With that said, I had bad mobs on my 121/122/123 and 124 clears and bad elite types too, and still finished with 45 seconds to spare. So, ymmv.

I didn’t accumulatie baddies during season to benefit from the seasonal buff. Usually the buff spawned after the elite or boss was dead or just before moving next level.

Yes, I could have played that way, but I did not enjoy that playstyle.

Neadless to say, season theme did not do me much good.

Turns out, I can do roughly same gr level on ns than I could do on season.

Next season it might, if the shadow follows me to next level. Else it will be useless as well.

Makes me laugh when people tell me well you got all that paragon ofcourse you should be clearing high…in fact it’s the other way around my friends. Most season themes built around giving players more power or random effects range anywhere from 5 Gr gain to this season valued at 150 gr gain. Sorry to say OP but this has been the most overpowered season theme date. Ofcourse you would have trouble clearing the same lvl with only 300 paragon gain. The only requirement in season 21 to clear 150 is staying alive and amazing skills at pulling mobs or playing GOD dh.

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Next season your power boost is the 4th cube. Shadows won’t be that much help when you do high GRs

IN the ptr they were still helpful for GR 90-110…especially for a dh . I expect the necro was also quite effective

all of this has nothing to do with Dying… so you want to try again?

That joke of a theme was just that, a joke. It was a third grade programming exercise. You mean to tell me that the theme boosted damage etc. when the stupid third grade snowballs were not rolling around. You think it boosted damage etc. so high that I can’t even clear a GR one level in non-season than in season 21 after receiving over 300 more paragon points on my non-season hero’s?
I don’t buy it.