Seasonal Question

I am not good, I am probably rolled horribly. That said, my question is as I love WW, what do you use to level gems if not in a meta group? I lvld a monk with a friend, a WD for pants, a wiz cause was curious, but basically play a DH as impale, and Barb as WW.

I would preferably like to play barb to level gems to feed my WW addiction. I can do 100, have some 100 augs on my DH, have not leveled all worn gems to 100. I am not a pro, I know lots of people are doing well above 100 and I am not one, I just have decided for this season I would push some which I have neve done.

  1. Good Barb build for leveling gems, I can guess probably HoTA LoN or with IK.

  2. I have more DB’s than can think about using atm, 5000+, but need yellows and gems, yellows I am bascially using whites and blues at cube to migrate to yellows, but gems I am short of.

Here’s all you need to know about Whirlwind:

[Guide] Zodiac Whirlwind (Season 18)

and here’s HOTA IK:

[Guide] IK HOTA (Season 18)

You can check other guides too.

For gems to 75 or so, WW Wastes + 2 CC build. After that , ya IK HotA, SS Pro Slam, or Fire Leapquake.
To get gems, do the bounty boss kills, Kulle, Rakanoth, Azmodan, etc., they drop a good number of gems from the chests…

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Ok never thought about the boss chests thanks Blackarrows. Yes Gasnick , I have seen guides, I was just curious what people used to level gems past 90 ish or so and how to get more gems. I am contemplating using a broken crown when doing group bounties.

make a zbarb and get good. make friends and run groups. Only way for a barb to get high gems as a barb. As for regular gems just spam speed rifts. 3-4 minutes range. When you need keys spam those too. Gems drop from everywhere. You just need to be efficient. Oh and don’t reaugment too often. Ideally every 10 lvl if you can manage.

Kadala gives you a lot of yellows, I usually convert yellows to whites in the cube. Treasury is a good place for getting gems (especially with broken crown in the cube).

Argh I hate to have to reply to this, I am sorry I even asked. I have like 12k white and Blue and low on yellow so convert them to yellow. I need gems cause I messed up and augmented some on a DH to push to 110. I know my 2 augs are not the only augs to be done so I wondered where if anything I could to to get more gems. I get whites from either act 1 or Act 4. I have enough to aug 5 pieces which I think would get me to 106. My goal is 110ish, and my understanding is that every 2 levels doubles HP of mobs. So 106 to 110 is a bunch more dps I need as I am not smoking it right now.

I can use my DH Impale to level gems but when I do I have a lot of loot that is not Barb, so I was just curious if was a good barb build to level them. I did play zdps a while back like 4 seasons ago and I just do do not wish to do so again.

Battlefields of Eternity (Act V) is full of armour racks which drop white / grey items when clicked on. If you do a circuit of that map you’ll easily fill your inventory with them. They salvage into 8-12 white materials each, i.e. a single circuit of that map should get you 300 white materials.

Whenever you’re short of blue / yellow materials, it’s much quicker to farm some white ones and use the Cube’s conversion recipes than it is to farm the required number of blue / yellow items and salvage them because they salvage into less materials per item.