Seasonal complaints about D3 loot thread

Yep, I think that’s time of the season to complain about bad rolls just to flex on others in a subtle way. There are so many Diablo Immortal and Diablo 4 threads at the top, and I wanted to change that. Each season a thread like this appeared to complain about rarity of Primal Ancients where it turns into a discussion about best Primal show-offs of community and this season there’s none.

So I start, I got a Primal Gladiator Gauntlet the other day followed by Primal Crystal Fist. What am I supposed to do? Give Gladiator Gauntlet to Follower when I’m speedfarming and keep Crystal Fist in case I wanna play a less efficient Raiment build? No, no, no, I’m not gonna do it. So thoughtless of you Blizzard devs, how dare you allow such trash to drop like that? Am I right? Naw, naw today I got a primal Inna’s gloves so we’re cool though.
Don’t worry. Thanks for reading.

ps. This thread opened for its humor and humbleness. Feel free to share your best and worst drops along the D3 Season 26.

What humor?

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Laughing at misfortune of others? Blaming developers for the randomization of a video game? A good start.

I have zapped all of my primals this season save for Andy’s Visage. For some reason I think I might have a use for it, though I have a feeling I will zap it too.

I know I should keep them for the meme of it, but I started season 26 late so I will do that next season. I will have at least one tab if not 2 with useless primals in season 27.

I played non-season for a week before starting season 26 and my Frenzy Barb has 2 primals that he is using. I have better ancients and non-ancients in my stash, but they don’t have that red border so they will sit there collecting dust until I need them for push.

Back to season 26. It’s amazing how many crappy primals I have seen in a short period of time. Good thing they give 15 souls. I have been doing reforge like crazy just to get a desired stat or a socket.

Well my dept diggers that dropped on my Inna monk say hello, completely useless for her and rolled so bad even my frenzy barb just cannot use them and runs around with an ancient depth diggers with a single gem slot instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again the primal Inna daibo looks nice at least, better as the Shenlongs fist that is worse as her ancient and cannot be saved with a reroll while had two of those traveller set amu’s that both rolled perfectly even including a socket … :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually quite nice, try to make it work and equip it; affix combination can not be bad as Inna doesn’t care about Area Damage%. At average Inna’s Daibo being a two hander it offer 22-25% higher minimum damage than your average Shenlong’s pair and grant a sick 120% Mystic Ally bonus. I think it’s comparable to Shenlong’s if you tweak your build up.

If it’s so bad without vitality and you can not consider rerolling primary affix on it for further primary skill damage bonus, then salvage it. Can be used on Raiment Monk, if you have any at off-season, by tossing Lefebvre’s shoulder in the Kanai’s Cube instead. Can be used by GoD5 DH when you set the Kanai’s Cube slots with Mantle shoulders and RoRG instead of Diggers and Elusive.

I’m trying to get an at least Ancient of those with a skill bonus or ChC% actually. Some builds can make use of Zodiac ring for cooldown management and wouldn’t mind to use Star of Azkaranth. I can think of a few builds that enjoy this setup, but landing the right combination of elemental skill damage and specific skill bonus together on Andariel’s is an issue.

Primal? what’s a primal?

Yeah I am using the daibo actually, just made me appreciate ias a bit more where I can add it without giving up on crit hit+damage and yeah the depth diggers will likely be salvaged before season ends.:slight_smile: Never really liked the shenlong playstyle anyway so have been enjoying using the Daibo.

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It’s when you drop £60 in the cash shop to get a chance at a getting one. Oh, wait, no. That’s Diablo Immoral.

I got a primal crystal fist also. Works shockingly well with the aughild speed build. You can basically exchange it for either echoing fury or ngeom. Then go all offensive passives and skills. 115 119 in like 3-4 minutes depending on paragons etc.

Inna’s? Don’t you already have tons of damage mitigation options anyway? I’ve been thinking of tossing that to a Raiment build. Anyway, noted.

My favorite is big stick inna with captains.

The aughild ones are a little slower but different playstyle. But super fast.

Variety and stuff.

Fire Damage 20%
Strength 1,000
Attack Speed 7%
More Fire Damage Taken 5%

Poison Resist 200


I have a Bombsader that uses fire damage, but I can’t spare an armor piece for that helm. If I could, I would rather have the gloves that offer fire damage increase.

I was thinking about making a LoN Fire Damage Blessed Shield Sader. I wonder if that would be good. I can have the crown in my cube for extra CDR. I already have an Akkhans Blessed Sield Sader, but it seems pretty mild compared to my other Saders.

If I did use that Andy’s helm for a LoN Sader, keep as is or roll for crit hit?

the only decent blessed shield build is fire. it’s pretty strong. Just super duper hard to gear for.

That helm would be excellent for a LoN/LoD thorne build too.

I’m too fond of Hexing pants and Mantle to try that.
I don’t think Inna is too reliant on cooldowns but I wouldn’t know since I didn’t play it too deep. Using a 2-hander, I spend Spirit in a very slow fashion, only hit GR110-111 and didn’t stack too high IaS% to notice Epiphany downtime. I still have trash gear and have a dozen of Petrified Screams that I didn’t use in S26.

Yeah, I think sockets are guaranteed in Primal helms just like amulets. This is why I want an Ancient grade Andariel’s mask. As long as it rolls high ChC% or skill bonus with the right elemental bonus type, I can replace the main stat and augment it later. This is giving away the socket but I have plans for a LoD Rapidfire build which makes it okay.

Switching to ChC% actually gives a pretty big boost compared to traditional build as I see it from d3planner. Alas, according to maxroll it’s a pretty cooldown heavy build so I reckon you might wanna keep it as it is. Keep the socket but wear Vigilante Belt instead of Witching Hour for example. In case you get bored nothing actually stops you from experimenting along with Obsidian ring to take care of cooldown problems.

watch wudji’s big stick inna video. it’s from the soul shard season but its pretty much the same. it’s a lot more powerful than hexing pants.

It is interesting, you posted this. My experience is this.
I have been getting the seasonal skull things and have them in waiting.

The problem is, I have had the hardest season ever trying to find the Ancient Armor pieces I am now looking for. I have run myself out of materials again and again and still nada.

Great new season thing, that I can’t use! hahaha.

Not when you actually compare their numbers. 350% is a lot of power and Inna’s Reach just doesn’t cut it. It’s a more relaxed playstyle at the trade of efficiency. No problem of been relaxed but have to realise they are not the same power level.

True, the spike damage of shenlong’s is way way higher unfortunately as is same problem with crusader with Norvalds. Playing the Daibo is way more fun though and adds moree possibilities in items,you can even add a taskers even if not smartest for efficiency. Personally I would love to see each of the set weapon/offhand combinations removed from game. None has a fun playstyle in my eyes and often are OP and where class is balanced around at one time or another.

In my eyes they detract from game and do not add the way they are done. Just my opinion though. :slight_smile:

More or less, but you really have to find the best Shenlong’s pair you can find to put a good comparison to Inna’s Reach and vice versa. Inna’s high minimum damage covers some ground and offer a constant bonus despite only offering half as damage multiplier as Shenlong’s highest moment. If I’m hitting 2 damage for a moment, that’s great but I also have to take hitting 0.1 for a while until this high moment comes around again. So some simply choose to hit 1 instead of 2 but trusting it being a constant.