Season Quest bug 2 act

After activating the seal of Blessing, which throws off the requirements of things to the level, it is impossible to complete the seasonal task of Pleasant Trifles in Act 2, where you need to create a ring or amulet of level 70. All things are created at the 1st level with a seal…

There is no bug…

Be sure your jeweler is at lvl12 and craft a sovereign item.


Level 12 jeweler. He made both rare items and an amulet / ring of hellfire. The quest is not being executed.

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Create a rare sovereign amulet (or ring)


These have never been lvl 70 items.

Do exactly this:

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I created rare rings and amulets - the quest was not completed. On all items, when creating it, it now writes that the required level to the item is level 1

Read my lips: SOVEREIGN items are lvl 70.


They’re in English, but:

Amulet or Ring

Weapon or Armor

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Those need to be played in a continuous loop every time someone opens a page to report a ‘bug’, Make them mandatory viewing.