Season journey reward cycling gone WRONG!

Hi Guys,

just wanted to point out that i feel like blizzard keeps shi**ing on my face over and over again and it would be great if blizzard could at least say something to this topic (because in the european forums they didnt even care to answer).

With Season 17 Blizzard started to recycle the rewards in the season journey.

So in season 17 we got the rewards from season 5.
In Season 18 we got the rewards from Season 6.
And in the upcoming season 19 we will get the rewards from season 7.

So my Problem with this is the following:

I have been playing D3 from the start and participated in all of the seasons ranking me in almost every season in several leaderboards. I got the guardian achievement in every season it was achieveable. The ONLY Season i didnt make the Guardian was S4 because this was a time i was not playing active.

I was very happy when i heard about the recycling of the season rewards. Because so i would get the last few missing portraits unlocked right? Right? NO, Blizz decides to begin to recycle the rewards with season 5 !

What the hell is wrong with you Blizzard? Why do you dont start at the beginning at least? S4 was the first season with the guardian rank to achieve as far as i know.

What is the reason you start with s5?

When they keep the cycle like this, after all rewards were cylcled through and they decide to put s4 instead of s5 at the beginning of the new cycle i will get my portraits in season 29… haha yeah maybe in Diablo 4 :slight_smile:

Sorry for the hard words guys, im really desperate for those portraits…

Cheers, Maseice

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ok boomer…


Are you alright, Agnes?

I mean, I’m with you on that I’d like to see the rewards from earlier be available, but jeez. Its not that big a deal.


To my recollection, back in January 2016 when Season 5 was released, the team started to align on the concept of what makes a Seasonal Journey. Some examples of this would be the 3 month seasonal cadence, cosmetics for achievements, and conquests.

Internally we like to think of Seasons 1-4 as the beginning times of Diablo III where as Seasons 5 and on are the updated and modern seasons.

I personally wasn’t on the team back then, but to our understanding, this is why the seasons restart at Season 5.

Let me know if that clears a bit up for you and i’m sorry you missed Season 4!


They wouldn’t tell you but… you are absolutely right Maselce!
They are after you. Personally!
Do you remember you university roommate’s friend’s third cousin’s ex-girlfriend?
Well she does remember you! and she works at Blizzard now!
And, as you know, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!
Now you know! :open_mouth:


Your understanding is correct in that Season 5 was pretty much the start of anything resembling what we currently have as the season journey… namely with the introduction of Haedrig’s GIft (the chapter system of the season journey was introduced in S4… see S4 First Look blog by Tyvalir)

However, I do agree with the OP that it would have been nice to have had a chance to unlock the Season 4 series of portraits and the pet for those of us who missed it. I for one didn’t start playing Seasons regularly until S5 when the ability to unlock stash tabs was added and I know a lot of players in the same boat.

Perhaps when the fifth group of class sets is added to the Haedrig’s Gift rotation and the recycling of seasonal rewards won’t align with the Haedrig’s Gift rotation, it will be an opportunity to recycle the season 4 cosmetics… maybe make the season 3 portrait and pennant the ones unlocked at completion of Guardian if you guys are short on cosmetic rewards to use as the Guardian reward too.

I can’t see it being too hard seeing how S4 followed the chapter interface for season journeys and had unlocking variations of the season portrait frames too).

Would make a lot of players happy being able to get those old cosmetics… coupled with new sets to play, that would be a pretty awesome season.


I hope that there is way to get the Soulstone portrait frame in the future. It is a nice portrait and I have missed it for reasons.

That’s the Season 10 portrait. You’re waiting for Season 22 unless there’s a change in the seasons being repeated.

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Not a bad suggestion! We’ll see if we can revisit it in the future.


Op’s bout to asplode over pixels.

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Yeah I missed getting the Guardian Season 4 frame and would like a chance to get it but I never see it happening at all.

yeah i would like to get every seasonal cosmetics also

There’s only a few guardian portrait frames i feel are worth the effort. The Season 8 pentagram was definitely worth it.

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Man, that’s some deep passion about portraits

I have to agree with our Blizzard employee here.

Seasonal rewards 1-4 were actually LABELED. Every season since they were not. I can look through my rewards, and actually see (for example on the portrait frames) Season 1, 2, etc.

None of them beyond 4 were labeled. Now, not saying that’s exactly why they weren’t recycled, and I don’t care if they eventually get recycled, but there may have been more of a reason for this than simply being forgotten about. Maybe they were coded a bit differently then, I don’t know.

I also seem to recall (and I could be wrong) that Season 5 was the first time they stopped putting new legendary items as a Seasonal exclusive only available till the end of season when it was then added for everyone else. I remember that raising a hell of a noise on the forums too.

But yeah, I think everything changed with Season 5 and beyond, now that I stop and think about it.

Just something to consider.

Game on.

Were there actually portrait frames for Seasons 1 and 2?

I played S2 and don’t recall any portraits being unlockable for it. I know S3 introduced the pennant as the unlockable for getting something like 100 achievement points and the portrait was for something like 400 achievement points.

Looking online, I cannot find anything for a season 1 or 2 portrait:

To my knowledge, cosmetic rewards started with Season 3 (two specific items), the season journey structure from Season 4 (a pet and variations of the same portrait) and then Haedrig’s Gift from Season 5. This is why I suggested that the rewards from Seasons 3 and 4 could go well together to form a series of rewards for an upcoming season with the S3 stuff being the Guardian rewards.

Incidentally, did the class specific portraits in the link above ever get released? I don’t recall so. Would be a great set of portraits for a future season… or just nice to release for everyone once all the class sets are out.

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LOL, thematically, this season should have repeated the Season 9 frames


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Now that I think about this more, yeah, these class specific portraits don’t exactly match the colour scheme of the seasonal portraits. Even though there are 6 of them (minus the Necromancer one that can be purchased from the Necro pack), it would make more sense to release them for free so everyone can enjoy them. Probably to celebrate all classes getting a 5th class set.


Yep, I had forgotten that. I have 3 and 4, as well as the pennant for 3. 4 was a pet I think, but I can’t remember which. But nothing was labeled after 4 that I can see.

To fix this, do this:

Highlight, then click the pre-formatted text button. It’s sad I can post youtube links all day, but not links from Blizzard’s own site or many other places.