Season end date: December 5th

I was going to update the other thread but the board doesn’t allow it.

so I have to start a new thread… sigh

Season end date: December 5th

To be honest I wish it was this Sunday instead.

So if you care and haven’t finished getting all the weapons for the transmog, now is the time to speed farm it like crazy. Also make sure to forge all of your season weapons, since they will not transfer over and they get you some nice rewards when you forge them.

Thanks for posting. Can see the Diablo twitter account posted the headsup on transmogs now.

Good to know the date… have been sparingly salvaging muled gear to make space until the date was confirmed. Can get on with that and make a lot more space with it being more clear what there wont be time to use.

Season 25 rewards dont seem too enticing for me.

The portrait frame looks cool enough, but no wings and the pet doesnt interest. I suspect not enough to leave resources and paragon behind and start again this time.

I’m sure soul shards will be fun for something fresh for those that have played a lot… im still content exploring different builds and my NS resources/para will get a boost at season end.

Soul shards are equivalent to ethereals. So, its basically like having two eths. Next season will be even more powerful for all classes. Akkhan bomb looks like a lot of fun.

It does look that way. I rationalise that NS will be harder than S24 / S25 (putting aside starting from scratch in seasons).

I’m ok with that… it would be good if they address power creep in general in future IMO.

With S24 being the first season I bothered to play, it was handy that the extra power made it pretty easy to do sub 2 minute GR90s without too much work.