Season 31: It has begun

Season 31 truly has begun. :wink: Complaints about Staff of Herding, other people/bots but oneself already running GR 150, achievements not working…


Business as usual! :wink:

RNG is on my side and it is not, depending what server region I look at.

  • Got the Gibbering Gemstone (not even looking for it because just leveling up a char and doing bounties on “Expert”) the first time I went in the Caverns of Frost to kill everything on the Asia servers.
  • Got the plan for Reaper’s Wraps the first time I needed to kill Malthael on the European Servers.
  • And besides that? Only bad RNG! :wink:

But the sesaon has just started, so what? At the end of the season all will be well; I am sure… :sunglasses:

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Funny fact:
I got the staff before to be 70 :joy:

My RNG has been pretty good this season. Didn’t use the challenge rift cache, so I did the meta of running a T6 Act Two set of bounties with killing Zulten Kulle with a necromancer. Was like level 24 when I finished the bounties, but it took me to level 32 to get the cube and finish getting the gold to level the blacksmith all the way up. All in all it took me about 40 or 50 minutes to do that.

Then switched to my DH and had him at level 70 in like 15 minutes running T6 Temples.

After hitting 70, I got lucky on drops and got a Hellcat Waistguard, Hunter’s Wrath, and Depth Diggers pretty quickly, so made a grenade build. Also got a Lord Greenstones Fan. So made a hybrid Grenade/FoK build to run a few GRifts until I got LoD. The gem was at level 16 when I ran a GR 45 and finished the The Thrill at 6:00 am Saturday morning good for Rank 67 on the Conquest Leaderboard.

Used that set up to get the UE set. I used to love that set but this season it felt weak to me for some reason and took a little while until I got the GoD set. Been running GoD Grenades ever since.

Completed the Altar early Sunday Morning because it only took about 5 games to get all parts of the Staff of Herding.

The Season has been slower than expected for still though. I expected to be close to Paragon 1400 today but I’m still just short of Paragon 1000. Not sure if I’m going to stick with it until I hit 1400 which is all I need to reach paragon 5000 when the end of season rollover happens.

That said, being able to run GoD Grenades with the help of the having both Hunter’s Wrath and Depth Diggers in the cube is a good bit of fun.

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This plan is a guaranteed drop. Maybe you mean the plan for SoH from Izual.


… Reaper’s Wraps plans are a guaranteed drop the first time you kill Malthael.


You know what? I won’t even be trying to get the staff.

All I care about are the awesome QoL perks like the pet pick-up bot.


I had amazing RNG this season! Saved bounty cache, used kid account to craft 70 yellow weapons for main account, got an ancient puzzle ring, and immediately used it…

Got the Staff of Herding drops first attempt for every item, less than 10 minutes.

Was still reforging that damned puzzle ring for another ancient…

Got all but 1 needed primal drops.

Still reforging that ring.

Ancient Hellfire Amulet farmed and crafted.

Boom! Got the ancient puzzle after 27 reforges!

Altar complete last night lol

Good times!

I finished the altar yesterday except for needing primals for 2 unlocks.

All the 6 pieces??? That is not just luck then, that is uber luck! :slight_smile: You should play the lottery!

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What??? :wink: Not just Strix is very lucky this season. The Mushrom ist just not growing for me and the guy for the Bottle is not showing up. But was lucky today with the ancient amu; 1st try.

Are you sure about that? Because a clan member needed two runs with Malthael. Izual, well he can be quite annoying with then plan, that is true; took me 5 runs…

Ah, forgot to tell. After 6 rings just used Kulle and recipe 2 gave it to me with the first try. So similar to the ancient amu.

Was one of the kills at low level? He doesn’t drop the plans at low levels. I don’t think he starts dropping the plans until level 70 or 61+ or something. It’s definitely guaranteed at level 70 (and maybe somewhere 60+, not 100% sure on the minimum level for him to drop the plans).

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That sounds about (more) correct because he died before he turned 70…

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The Plan: Reaper’s Wraps is a guaranteed drop the first time you kill Malthael at Level 60 on any Game Difficulty in Campaign Mode or Adventure Mode.

The Reaper’s Wraps Bracers themselves are a Level 70 item.


I’m enjoying this season of no restart/no theme/no stash tetris. I obtained 3 paragons to get to an even P2800 and have been doing other stuff :rofl:

Patch 2.0.5 Now Live - Diablo III (

  • Plan: Reaper’s Wraps
    • Malthael will now always drop the plan for Reapers’ Wraps when killed at level 60 or higher if the player does not have the recipe, instead of only on the first kill

Found several sources that say 61+ but I guess this is the most reliable one. :wink: So 60+ it is… And my clan member was somewhere in the 50s when we went to kill Malthael… “Problem” solved… :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the clarification. (Unfortunately, I don’t have a photographic memory. So, I just referenced an online source for the info).

I’ll edit my previous post.

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