Season 29, Salvaging Simulator 2023!

I need mah souls for reforges!

Who on earth picks yellow and salvage lol
One guy, its him

I sometimes get one or two by accident - or if there is still room when the chest is popped, and I’ve picked all the valuable stuff, I might take all the yellows too, the extra few seconds don’t matter to me.

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I still pick up yellows, because they drop very abundantly in Fissures and Neph Rifts. I’m aware it’s not effective but some habits don’t cease easily. I’m aware convert recipe exists but I keep picking them up because I have been upgrading rares still and I dry up on everything quickly.

Also let me add; if you are complaining about picking up loot in a loot simulator, there’s a high possibility you never liked the core of the game at the first place. Comparing this Season with the previous one is irrelevant; Season themes are always meant to be temporary and tied with other elements in the design.

For me, it is hard, since I have some OCD. I don’t like leaving stuff on the ground and I don’t like leaving chests unopened. Fortunately, my need for efficiency overrides my OCD.

I will pick up yellows early in the season, since upgrade rare saves a lot of time over waiting for RNGesus. I mostly use it for weapons and jewelry as crafting yellows burns a lot of mats. If I need my bracers or belt or such, I use Kadala, and of course she will not give me what I need, so I upgrade those yellows.

Sometimes I have a use for them, but 99.99% of the time they RIP.


you have to pick up yellows. How else are you going to get full ancestral and a few primals ? They lowered drop rates of ancestral and primal, i guess because of the anundant material drops in fissures. But you still have to pick them up. This season feels way too much like D4 end game, which is not a good thing. I just reforged my gloves 25 times before i got an ancestral, before that it was shoulders 16 times. Nothing happening on gambling, and forget about something dropping. No Season is over. Its almost like they are trying to blur the line between D3 and D4, but ive played enough seasons to know it was not like this before.

Hey me too, since I kind of forgot about that recipe because I never use it. But now I stick to only picking up those that drop from the final chest if there is space and use those for converting.

They did? Interesting. Guess they didn’t apply it to everyone since I have 9 in like 40 hours of play and 2 almost full sets of ancients on top of all the other random ancients and salvaged ones.

Remember the D3 holiday bag in early 2022 that dropped bags of bounty materials from GR bosses? I remember, and it made reforging ancients not require the painful grinding of bounties, or now visions.

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Limiting factor for reforge has always been souls, not bounty mats. And you get both from voe.

Especially yellow ammies are worth picking up if you want to upgrade them.

Right now I have over 7K DB, that is basically more than I have ever got in my playing history, including non-seasonal and seasonal.

It just has turned into an item salvaging fest with more time dedicated to looting items, and returning to town to salvage them.

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I had like 9k souls. then i wanted to try cold frenzy. used them to reforge an azurewrath. did like 2 runs, discovered I did not like cold. Went back to fire. Now I have like 63 souls. It’s becoming an issue, lol.

Mhhh, as a solo-only player it never felt this extreme before because I was just unable to hoard bounty mats as fast as I can now. I mean, even the shortest single layer Vision nets 20 of each on T16, so it’s like doing all 25 bounties in about a mere 2 minutes (and that’s including time needed to get a Portal to spawn)… since I don’t like bounties all that much I am always short on mats, not on souls. This season it’s the exact opposite, at least for me. I don’t complain, it’s just my experience.

are you serous? have you been running the portals? my gods man, there is blue, yellow, white, the whole spectrum just laying all over for you to pick up… and it dont even go into your inventory craft mats… you are gonna pick up all those blues and yellows and get 1 each for a nuke… when you can just take all the gems and make rings and nuke them instead… least they stack in the inventory will ya need them then you can make a ton of yellow rings… nuke… cube to exchange for the other two mats…

i havent picked up a blue or yellow yet this season. and a lot of the legendarys unless its a set and i know what it might be or a primal … it gets put back in the void. Yall just hoarders lol :wink:

You know, instead of picking up all that junk it could be auto salvaged like what D4 is getting. Everything below ancient and primal should mostly be getting auto salvaged at some point, except a few things like puzzle rings or cow sticks.

I hope we end up getting that feature here in D3, just to do away with the need to stop and pick up a million things while farming. I play mostly high mobility builds such as WW, GoD or Justice set. I don’t mind stopping to pick up legos and stuff, but after a while all the rares, blues and whites on the ground really are just a nuisance. Specially in cases where many items drop like in vaults or EN’s, and you have to pick up the rares and other trash so you can even have access to clicking on the legos and materials you’re after.

I’m not sure what that looks like from a game development standpoint, or if D3 is just completely in maintenance mode and mostly abandoned and we aren’t getting anything. But, having blues and yellows auto salvage would be a massive QoL improvement for the game imo. Specially for high mobility farm builds.

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You’re probably out of the loop, but S28 had that and it’s coming back in S30.

Totally agree. A lootfilter for non ancient/primal stuff would be amazing. With auto salvage for the rest.

As MaXelL pointed out, auto salvage for yellows/blues/greys will return with S30, since it has been a feature of the S28 Altar. However that still would not help for non ancient legendaries. Also autopickup for materials was missing in the S28 version

Ah yeah I forgot that was a thing in the altar for S28. I did play it but that was months ago I totally forgot. Don’t pets pickup gold and materials? Thought they did so we had auto pick in that form at least. Maybe not.

If not, at least not having to pack our inventory with items to salvage and just clicking the raw mats on the ground would be a huge improvement.

Pets only pickup gold.

With the S28 altar they picked up gold and deaths breath and salvaged blue/yellow/grey items, but left materials on the ground.

Instead of whites blues yellows how about at torment 6 or higher they drop mats instead of actual items?

Sure, so you wouldn’t see that non ancient Squirt’s Necklace with 20% elemental, 10/100 crit and socket and instead be happy with the ancient with main stat, vitality, cdr and life on hit (or whatever useless stats). :smiley:
And that’s just one example.

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