Season 29, Salvaging Simulator 2023!

Right out of the Diablo:Bore playbook, the dev team has made it so in Diablo 3 folks are spending more time in town salvaging junk items instead of actually playing the game.

Clearing a floor of a EV Portal: 5 seconds. Teleport to town, identify, clear out the junk… 15 seconds? Rinse and repeat for almost every floor, sometimes twice a floor?

Do the devs actually play the game? Or is this the same deal as Diablo:Bore… they are just button-mashing generator skills?

Similar to D:Bore, I got so bored of salvaging items finally that I just closed the game with my inventory full of junk that needs to be salvaged. I have no interest to reopen the game right now. In the same respect as D:Bore, I would clear out a Nightmare Dungeon and see another full inventory of garbage “rare” items, and just close the game.


Don’t pick up junk items, problem solved


That’s a good decision on your part. I applaud you :+1:

Fact is that no one forces you to go into the visions, you can play the game like there is no theme and just run rifts, bounties and greater rifts.
i you do decide to go into the fissures, no one forces you to pick up anything.

But it’s great that you share your thoughts about the game to the community. It’s like a cleansing proces where you can let go of your frustrations.


You are aware that if players want to reroll items in this game and craft new items, you need materials, right?

What is the point of the loot shower if you aren’t picking up the items? What you said is not a solution.

The solution was there, and they haphazardly removed it:

  • have pets auto-salvage the whites/blues/yellows

That takes care of some of it.

The other half is the legendary/set items though. They should implement a merchant that handles items the way PoE does. You sell the item to the vendor, they give you one or three Forgotten Souls in return, and maybe on rare chance additional mats.

That solves the problem. Your original response is flat out trolling if you believe that is the solution.


Yes, I know, that’s why I do bounties and skip a lot of EoV to balance the mats :slight_smile:

If you want to have everything at once, maybe D3 isn’t for you.


Never pick up yellow items, they are not worth the time and space.
Reduce the amount of whites and blues you pick up. In the deeper tiers of the visions you can almost fill an entire inventory with legendaries on each map.


I only pick up legendaries in VoEs and some deaths breath since you collect them in a large circle around you.
Regular mats come primarily from Goblin Floors and from free space after the Vision ends.
Sometimes I went to clear the inventory one floor before the last, which gives a lot of room for salvagable non legendaries.

Usually the “don’t pick up yellows” counts, since you get a lot of yellows from Kadala.
Without GRs being the major loot hunting ground this season, I see myself starved of yellows the most and collect mainly yellows if I can.

If Visions of Enmity become permanent (and I sure hope they do), the returning auto salvage will solve a lot of your concerns. Until then adapt, or play something else.
I wouldn’t get my hopes up for the auto pickup as late added season theme… even though It has been suggested since before the season even started

S28 content: altar and paragon
S29 content: tedium and ever more useless leggos and sets from visions

I doubt this game has dedicated devs anymore at this point, and even so the decisions are likely made by higher ups who hate videogames (yes these people exist everywhere in big gaming corps). Also here’s a relevant cartoon:


Everyone who has played D3 for years and years knows that you don’t pick up anything but legendaries (and possibly white items: 1 white = 10 parts)

You should get plenty of parts (whites) and dust (blues) from goblin packs in VoE. Around the same as you get from bounty caches. For me, goblin packs are 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 VoEs. Before VoEs everyone ran bounties for whites and blues.

In season 21, I got 6912 bounties. Season 26 - 7215 bounties. Season 28 - 3443 bounties. VoEs are much quicker for mats.

Then you use the Kanai conversions blue → yellow or white → yellow to get enough Veiled Crystals.

If you don’t pick up anything but legendaries, you don’t go back to town and you will get more mats per hour just from getting more VoE cleared and therefore more goblin packs.

You have to intersperse VoEs with speed 90s under 2 minutes to get legendaries for reforges. VoEs give you around the same amount of legendaries as bounty caches.

The game is designed so you don’t get all the stuff you need doing one thing. That’s why they nerfed XP from Echoing Nightmares.

Each of the endgame activities provides is supposed to provide different rewards so you don’t end up doing the same thing over and over again.

speed 90s & 100s = legendaries for forgotten souls + shards for kadala + yellows from kadala
bounties = legendary mats, blues and whites, cache specific legendaries
ENs = easy augment gems
high GR speeds = XP

VoEs are only bounty replacement. You can’t stop doing all the other stuff and have all the things you want.


You must be new to the game. No leggos or set items are useless.
(I know you’re not new. You’re just a tired, disillusioned veteran player).

It’s more like this game has dedicated antagonists who like to voice their opinion on the forum… again and again.


I derive great enjoyment how blizzard repeatedly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory, such as the S28 to S29 transition.

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Whatever makes your boat float :+1:
Just don’t drown in negativity :smile:

I usually approach it like this:
While leveling my first character during the season I stop picking up white items once I have 1000 scraps. I do the same with blue and yellow items.

Later when I do rifts and buy items excessively with shards I get a lot of crafting materials anyway by shredding the items I bought. Other than that I’m not doing excessive re-rolling anyway. So far in this season I got to GR level 70 with an average of 10 stat rerolls per item I’ve used and most of the time it’s just to get the right one instead of the perfect number roll.

And once I’m done with the season tasks (started yesterday and I “just” need to do the conquests now which suck) I just see how far I can get with my self found HC char and then quit. :man_shrugging:

At least we’ll always have the original Diablo and Diablo 2

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I had an idea for an APP a while back. It’s a PTR simulator that uses the npc merchant, your characters and the cube. Then, what you make in the app, goes into the game. Think of it like freebasing RNG.

Well you do basically GRs for nearly everything nowadays.

Need XP? GRs
Need gear? GRs
Need leg gems? GRs
Need Augments? GRs (petrified screams and leg gems)

Sure here and there some bounties, vaults and Nephalem Rifts to be able to continue GRs, but 80% of your playtime is in GRs since they are by far the most rewarding content

For a brief while, Echoing Nightmares were superior for XP, but then group players complained and got them nerfed to the ground.
Now you only use a petrified scream if you need the gem for the augment, otherwise the rewards are no longer worth it

In an XP capped environment Visions of Enmity are an alternative, since they are better for gear, but as soon as there is no cap, these would also be only done when you’re out of bounty mats.

Oh and I nearly forgot. After you’re done with gearing, leveling and all that you play some more GRs for your pushes

Ouch!! Bad idea. You get 8 parts from each white, 3 dust from each blue, 1 crystal from each yellow. It is way faster to blow through the visions picking up whites. When you are done, convert to dust or crystals. This will allow you to farm nearly 8 times faster than you currently are.


They didn’t remove it haphazardly. Previous Season theme offered a few short duration buffs (health globe absorb, triune circles) so pets made to clear stuff least you can make the best of the those Seasonal benefits. This Season theme have no short duration buffs hence no incentive from pets.

Couldn’t they add a short duration buff for no apparent reason with pets salvage feature? One, it is way too late for that even to complaint; two, developers apparently want to run a few tests and get stats for those, so your quality of life features have no priority. You all wanted S30 Altar to be a permanent feature, this is what you get and there is no rhyme or reason left for complaints.

This is important information. However converting is very very tedious on console, therefore I’d like to do it as little as possible.

You’re right though, given these facts it’s way better to collect whites and blues and then convert

I am in the same spot as they are, being starved of yellows. And I kind of forgot about the convert recipe since I don’t really reforge/upgrade all that much in general so never run out of things.

So I am glad to be reminded I can just rather leave everything and pick up blues/whites to speed things up. And legendaries since I am short on souls as well.

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