Season 29 end date

Yall defending it. 145s most likely for “NON season” unless you have a insane crazy paragon… That to me is a issue.


So bringing it in line with other builds is the issue?


Its when everything is so nerfed to where you need a insane amount of paragon to fill the blanks. The way things are looking for non seasons its gr 145. Granted they made 150s and for seasons this isnt a problem due to season theme

Thats a problem and yall defend everything they do. Alot of us see right though it

No, Hell no even. Bringing something that’s clearly ahead in line with the pack is a good thing though, so why complain over it.


So how tight is it top to bottom these days? Builds for solo GR I mean.

If their math is on point 10 GR between top and bottom build. (In potential, all builds should be able to do 150)


Seasonal powers grants any 0 Paragon > 5 digit NS paragons. Its not that you require 10k to clear 150, it is no point if you are below 10k to play NS since season at butt naked offers MORE power.

I wish it were so. PTR has already ended. Blizzard always informed players max 2 weeks after closing the PTR when the new season would start.

Quick answer: wait for news from Blizzard

I already know you won’t like this answer, but that’s how it is.


It is usually around two weeks in advance (it can be slightly less). There is a good chance they will give the notice on Monday or Tuesday for the S29 end on 31/12.

Do you call that quick? The question was made three days ago… :grin:
Great answer anyway :+1:


Soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah right, try it with the Wastes set lol…

50 levels is about right.

Wastes did 140+ this season with no altar, no soul shards and capped paragon.

With how stale the season is, don’t need 2 weeks notice. “season ending in 5 mins” like d4 helltide is sufficient. Bring is next patch asap.


It depends on the classes played, I hope to be in the top 100 WD (SSF) without having to push too much.

Chicken is strong. 130 should pretty easy clear. Another story if you are keen on other playstyles.

Would still be good for a two week window to tidy up the Seasonal stash for those of us taking things backs to NS.

Nobody says a 2 weeks notice is needed. I would welcome a season end today :slight_smile: But I don’t see Blizz suddenly changing the way they have been doing things for years.


Yeah, it would be a funny to find a news post like:
“By the way guys, season ends today.”

Or even no news at all, the season just ends.

I am just wondering why they rushed the ptr down to a week if they just let the time slack by afterwards.