Season 29 - Diabolical Fissures Portal not reacheable

The second time I came across the error that the Diabolic Rifts of Season 29 are inaccessible when they appear where they spiders spawn (Act 1 - Caverns of Arenae)
I kill the spiders instantly when the appear automatically (Crusader with cavalry and Heaven’s Fury build)

If this happens, you will unfortunately have to finish and restart the whole session as the season portal will no longer open anywhere

Seem that I cannot post a link to a screenshot, taken ingame :expressionless:

You can find it on

Possibly someone with the right to embed the screenshot can do this in a reply to this Thread :pray:

GreetZ ToX :sunglasses: :v:


For future reference…

There is a way of posting links on the Blizzard forums without maiming the links… you need to convert them to preformatted text.

  • put the link in your post as you would normally

  • highlight the entire link and

  • click on the </> button (button #6) on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

Links converted to preformatted text cannot be clicked upon… but readers can copy-paste them in their browser. And it’s easier for those who can embed links to embed them (since we do not need to undo the mutilation) :slight_smile:

Your link would look like this:

Cheers !


ThanX a lot :white_heart: :ok_hand:
(will try your suggestion immediately - next (third) not reacheable portal occured a few minutes ago :triumph:)

Next Session for trash - full restart needet, because portal is outside accessible area
Will avoid playing “Act 1 - Caverns of Arenae” from now on. It kills the entire run

Looks like it works, with the link :wink: ThanX