Season 28 Rites of Sanctuary - Has Ended

Gosh, the new Natalya Spike Trap really sucks… That’s what happens with a one-week PTR :frowning: I guess I will try to do my 150 with a GOD or Marauder…


You beast sometimes it pays to save somethings. I like the new icon.

Briefly tested the new Nat set. I hate it. Utter fustercluck.

This is what happens when untested things are thrown at us. :man_facepalming:


Is it possible that you guys only modify the text on Gears of Dreadland set, like on the Shadow in ptr? Feels weak considering the dmg buff for Primary attacks.


It is the same with the UE set, text has changed but performance has not improved at all.


Nothing new was added when we launched the patch today. We’re keeping an eye out on discussions to in case anything game-breaking occurs. Ty for asking!


Sounds Italian to me.


Oh you teasing teaser!

So initially changes were made to Natalyas, that was later reworked again (luckily, since it was just another spin2win).
But the “rework” made to Raiment, is not being reworked again, even though it is the only change made, that has 0 impact on the game.
It seems as if they wanted to make it playable - will there be anything changed about the “rework” so it will impact the game?

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thanks. pretty fun so far. liking frenzy quite a bit. was surprised to see non season got the craftable primals! very nice.

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Just need to re-work Nat’s again, it’s not fun!!!


Welcome to my world… Armor of Akkhan rework!!!
At least they got Tal and Trag right…


Feel like those were more updates than full fledged reworks. Maybe that’s why they worked where other attempts haven’t.

The only gamebreaking thing is the devs.

Made it unplayable for most of the playerbase.

You mean other than Natalya’s being nothing like what was tested on the PTR?


Well we couldn’t know the out come of the change since PTR was only one week.

Dear Mister FilthieRich

Thanks for communicating with us!
Please consider adding a simple multiplier to the reworked nat set. the playstyle is absolutely clunky and way below everyones expectations.

If this is possible in some kind of “last minute” patch or hotfix.

It would be very kind, regards


The usual give and take, nerf whatever, why not incorporate some the buffs from the seasonal play, if it is good enough for seasonal play why not bring it into the regular game do like before you have to wait one season before it is implemented it was great seeing new weapons and buffs.

Please bring potion and natalya set back to its preview state…its not fun at all the way it is now and a lot of ppl who were hyped for the season are not even gonna play it any more…please roll them back and let us have some fun this season.

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Revert the Natalia’s changes give back the old 2peice at least. The current play style is basically a Melee character. That how you know it bad you turned the ranged character into melee. Completely killed all the will i had to return this season.