Season 27 Light’s Calling - Has Ended

Season 27 Light’s Calling Preview

The light is calling in Season 27 of Diablo III. Starting on August 26 at 5 p.m. PDT/CEST/KST, you can transform your Legendary items into Sanctified items, collect two new seasonal cosmetic rewards, and more!

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The drop rate of crucibles has been doubled but is it enough? They did drop on the PTR in GR90+ levels occasionally. At early stages they might still be a bit too rare.

Guardian set bonuses have been flipped as expected. Wasn’t really sensible to have the stronger bonus as the 2p bonus.

Phalanx bugs have been fixed but is the build strong enough?

The new pet looks sick.


Wizard changes I noticed:

-removed Meteor from DMO again, but Electrocute stays
-removed Point of No Return from Crown of the Primus (huzzah, thank you for listening!)
-fixed Archon + regular Slow Time stacking - this bug has been around for ages, surprised they are fixing it now but I guess with the other Slow Time changes this patch it ended up on their radar for fixing. Shouldn’t affect casual Chantodo Vyr’s pushes too much, but high end clears usually leverage this bug and it’s a loss of 15% additive during the main DPS rotation. Less than a 1 tier nerf to Chantodo Vyr’s on the high end, but still.

EDIT: And no changes to Tal’s :frowning:

EDIT2: Mempo of Twilight updated with a Meteor power, I missed that the first time around (it either wasn’t there or wasn’t highlighted)! That’s a welcome buff for Tal’s and should largely kill the Archon variants.


Thank goodness for electrocute, although it stinks that explosive blast wasn’t place back into the Dmo set. I’m not bothered by meteor being removed, since they removed both the 2piece bonus and 6 piece bonus.

Yeah, no adjustments and/or to Tal-Rasha. Not even a bump to it’s 6 piece bonus (which ofc it needs more than just that).


no changes but big damage boost on mempo of twilight.


sweeeeet seeeason :yum:

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But Mempo now casts meteor shower on every casted meteor with a 300%-400% multiplier on it. This could be just what Tal’s needs

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The change to the Way of the Hundred Fists crucible power could be interesting and change a few things as well. Could very well see the generator builds come back with that change.

No update to Tals, but Meteor is out of DMO now. Hmmm that’s just :poop:. Tals remain pretty bad. Still if you want it to be a Meteor set you need 2 god damn 2h weapons, then where do i put the off-hand? Up my wizzards @$$? Smoldering Core should’ve been changed to spear class so it could be carried in one-hand. It’s just stupid man.

Why wasn’t this in red? My perfectly good rant is for nothing. :laughing:


Did they reverse the 2 piece set and 3 piece set bonus for Guardians?

Also noticed no changes to WD Bogadile effects on the RG, was it left untouched??? Or is it still broken?

Yes, but this (Meteor Shower rune & +300-400% damage to Meteor) should have been added ON Tal Rasha as a set bonue (6-piece)… sigh

I admit, I didn’t predict that one. I did predict no changes to Tal Rasha or Smoldering Core, though I’m sad to have been spot on.

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Yes because they way it was, negated the whole purpose of them changing the set in the first place, being that the 3-piece set was ultimately irrelevant compared to the 2-piece

Interesting little detail, I just noticed that the example picture demonstrating how a legendary item is changed into a sanctified item shows the earlier, bugged version of a sanctified item.


I think a lot of players will not start with a monk as the nerf is too much as shown below: The damage of your Mystic Allies is increased by 900% for each Mystic Ally you have out.
From 3000% to 900% is extremely too much.


Right they got no problems taking things away from us, but adding? We’ll get back to you…till I saw this (which should be highlighted in Red since it’s new change)

That also incentivizes manual cast meteors


I’m saddened that we didn’t get our Trag’s damage boost hahaha


You killed the Guardian set…

It was actually gonna be useful as a 2-piece bonus early on for a lot of characters. Now the 2-piece bonus is worthless and the 3-piece is only useful early on.

Makes it very undesirable.


On the contrary, the 3p Guardians is still the best option for low paragon & casual players