Season 27 ancient legendary items unobtainable

I’m playing a monk class in season 27, and am now at paragon level 802.

But for the last 100 levels or so, I’m unable make much progress.
Specifically, some items just don’t seem to drop so that I can advance, and I don’t know why these drops don’t drop. Specifically,

  1. The Wailing Host ancient legendary ring never appears. Regular Wailing Host rings appear regularly, and so do other ancient legendary set items. But not this one.
  2. Likewise, the Pinto’s Pride ancient legendary bracer never seems to drop, while almost all other ancient legendary bracers drop.
  3. Maria’s Kaleidoscope necklace never drops. All other necklace items drop.

Yes, I’ve tried Kadala many, many times, with no success. I’ve also tried to upgrade rare items - also without success.

So I’m wondering if these items will never drop, and if I should give up on continuing with playing season 27. Or, if they will appear, when (at what paragon level).

First, get to Torment 16 for the highest native item find.

Second, if you can, run GR90 as quickly as possible - preferably 2-3 minutes. Do this repeatedly.

The desired item will, eventually, appear. Paragon has nothing to do with it. Increasing your effective yield by slimming down the play time: loot drop ratio is what matters.

Thanks for the advice. But it doesn’t work. I’ve given up on that character class, and started the necromancer class instead, and am enjoying it a lot. BUT… same problem basically. I get dozens & dozens of legendary items, but RARELY get an ancient legendary item. And never the ancient legendary item I need.

I recall reading, awhile back, that the developers did this deliberately so as not to obsolete an item you spend time & gold updating, making you do it all over again with the new & upgraded item.

As for getting to GR90, I find that’s impossible. I’m at paragon 900, and finding it almost impossible to get to GR80! That’s in spite of having almost all items being enchanted and being ancient legendary. There’s simply no way to advance. It’s like the game has a block on my progress.

You’re paragon 875 and you have no set (or LoD) equipped, it’s normal you can’t progress.

Do the first four chapters of the Journey, get your “free” set and you’ll be able to progress.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that:
I have the dual set of Litany of the undaunted & Legacy of Nightmares
In playing many, many, games, I’ve found this set to be the most powerful, assuming most of your equipped items are ancient legendary.
And as far as legendary gems, I have Bane of the Stricken, Teardrop of the Starweaver, and Esoteric Alternation. These seem to be the three most powerful legendary gems.
So, consequently, I feel I’m all maxed out!