Season 27 5pm CET end

Why hasnt season 27 concluded on feb 19th, 5 pm CET? Its getting realy annoying.


It looks like that it might ended at 5pm PST 19h february
so 2am CET 20th february

it’s really disappointing

I just hope they don’t do the same bad thing to us for the beginning of the season 28 because I took time off work to play :roll_eyes:

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NA it ends at 5 pm PST … Please read the news

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Is this so kind of joke ?

it s already 8:52 pm CET here in Europe : the season is still up sadly


Too bad that this information is invalid. Because the season is still going in places where it shouldn’t
Europe - February 19 5pm CET

It’s 9pm soon and EU season is still working


Because Bliz’ words worth nothing.


because D3 resources has been pulled to D4 .
Please be patient while the hamsters is working to fix it

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Nope, not 5 pm PST either.

5pm pst is in 1/2 hr. Still got some time left.

I could check, but isn’t it Daylight Savings Time and not Standard Time?

I mean, I know what they mean and the blog posts are basically a form letter with the dates changed, but I’m just wondering.

Edit: Just checked. Yeah, I was wrong. DUH!

March 12th is when we switch to Daylight savings time. And I just checked Europe and the season is over there. So this post is dead at this point.

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Yeah, I always get confused about that. I know they change in Spring and in Winter, but I always forget which is which, lol.

Fall back, Spring Forward. We switch “back” to standard time. That is how I remember them.

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Hopefully, the last clock change will be the actual last, with the feds abolishing it through the “Sunshine Protection Act” (not its actual name but what it is commonly called) which, if it was enacted as law, makes Daylight Savings Time permanent. I don’t recall if it was passed everywhere it needed to be… but the first step was approved, and like a bill, it now has to fight for its spot on capitol hill.

When this season, 27 season, ended, I bought more bitcoin. Anyone else do the same? In fact, I buy bitcoin every single week.

Buy, accumulate, hold, repeat.


You realise that won’t affect Europe though, so Daylight Savings changes will still affect GMT / BST, CET / CEST, et cetera.

I don’t care what affects Europe, though.

  • Europe population is equivalent to 9.78% of the total world population

  • The United States population is equivalent to 4.25% of the total world population

A company that sells products to Europe might care about a market that’s over twice the size of the American market.