Season 27 - 3rd Conquest ion Season's Journey not loading

Hey there.
I’ve recently completed the conquest Boss Mode on PS with a group of friends. And, even though it’s triggered under the conquests, my 3rd Season’s Journey hasn’t updated. It’s the last item left before I finish the Journey this Season.

The 3 conquests I have when I check under the conquest section:
Boss Mode
The Thrill

I would really like to avoid doing the Master Set Dungeon one… What can I do?

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I think I’m having the same issue. I completed 3 conquests (Avarice, Boss Mode & The Thrill), it shows on the leaderboards and everything, but it won’t give me Flawless Victory to complete the season journey.

Im having the same issue and i want my wolf pet so bad… I actually solod all the conquests received the rewards equipped them, relogged and i had been stripped of them!!! and the game believes i havent completed the conquests