Season 26 | The Fall of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Season 25 | The Lords of Hell | Ending Soon

Season 26 is coming soon! Read on to learn more about Echoing Nightmare and new balance changes in Patch 2.7.3!

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Thaks so much FilthiRich, have a great day. I like the new pet and portrait frame.

Rakkis’ Remembrance portrait and the Toothsome Trooper pet.

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404 - PAGE NOT FOUND Also… Blizzard soon?
The page is there, but the link to it is broken…


Rage and others made some excellent feedback on the Raekor set, and NONE of it was implemented?

I’m honestly pissed off right now.


What does the allignment of EN Exp rewards with GR mean in the end? So the exp is the same for a GR 150 and EN 150. So a 200 EN EXP would be equivalent of a GR 200. So it scales more than up to 150 for exp reward?

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No, thanks.

I won’t play this season.

Necro is in the illustration, but there is nothing new for the Necro in this season.

Maybe S27, who knows ?

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Is this a joke?

“Replaced the Shield Pylon with a Speed Pylon.”

Could you have possibly found any way to make these worse for hardcore players?


Lyric, no, I don’t think they could have. Although it sounds like they have lowered the xp and made them harder based on level, so maybe it won’t be the meta everyone thought? Regardless, the only way this game makes money anymore is thru ban waves followed immediately by putting the game on sale. So HC players aren’t exactly the target demo here.

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Terrible idea to remove Shield pylon from EN, way to screw HC players even more…


Only one player is required to transmute a Petrified Scream to open an Echoing Nightmare in a multiplayer game.

Can someone ELI5 how does this not punish single players?


I would say EN is about surviving as long as possible and getting overwhelmed at some time. Thematically it does not fit with neither a Shieldpylon nor Hardcore mode anyway.

But thats just my opinion. And a bit sad for hardcoreplayers.

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I was planning to skip this season until I saw that portrait frame. Guess I’ll give it a go. Promise of more paragon level with less effort sounds nice. Also what about adjusting and tweaking the Nephalem Glory mechanics some more for next Season ahead?


My understanding is that item updates will apply retroactively to set items but not legendaries. e.g., pre-existing Norvald’s Fervor set will see its increased damage dropped to 200% from 400%, but pre-existing Bindings of the Lesser Gods will retain its additional boost for fire allies.

Am I correct?

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Thanks, the page looks nice. Get a new web monkey? Lol.


  1. No shield pylon is going to kind of suck.
  2. Changing fire damage to physical makes me sad
  3. Thanks for the extra 25 fury on AL

You apparently do not understand how game development works.

The pet… maybe worth it. All I know is that is the only thing (well and the overall general ease of the Conquests) that is partially exciting. It started off, like many others, with a high level of interest but as it gets closer, it gets more boring. That takes a lot of effort. Congrats on ruining the season.


Why yes they can

Adjusted the damage done by Exploding Lunatics and Meteors to be more deadly.

Monsters from the Echoing Nightmares no longer drop gold, items or health globes.

Can’t goldwrap it anymore either

This is gonna be the first season i’ve ever skipped.


And then they doubled it!

  • Adjusted the damage done by Exploding Lunatics and Meteors to be more deadly.
  • Adjust Meteor and Fallen Lunatic Molten damage to be Physical.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of Tiers 100+.

It would be amazing if tomorrow’s notes indicated that slain enemies no longer become corpses.