Season 26 | The Fall of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Season 26 | The Fall of the Nephalem | Has Ended

Read on to learn more about the new seasonal theme and new balance changes in Patch 2.7.3!

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2nd (more characters)

And we get a pet with a lollipop :+1:
Also big post PTR changes to Echoing Nightmares.

With all that feedback and only change was ( good ) for monk and some fury regen for barbarian?.. Shame.


I know man. No further buff to WT.

Season 26 Soft Core EN.

I am HC only and Blizzard don’t give a ‘hoot’ about us.

Many of us asked for a safe exit ability like the outer edge safe zone, same as in the gr trials many years ago.


Yeah new EN aint gonna be fun for HC.

Basically we’ll need sacrificial toons for this mode. The time spent making sacrificial toons may as well be spent on GRs and Rifts for better results than ENs.


Maybe next season will be a HC only theme?

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technically since the rewards are not given til you open the chest at the end, and in HC if you die you don’t get to open the chest… That won’t really be an option either.

Sorry I should have clarified my sacrificial toons. Making a toon in the hope it survives until the end of the EN. If it does, yay. When it doesn’t, oh well.

Still doesn’t sound fun to do or worth the effort vs Rifts/GRs.

I understand. And no, it won’t be fun at all. The only way to survive at all will be to not go any higher than mobs that cannot damage you and wait out the timer while running around and not fighting them. Whoever got the brilliant idea that the season should be made of such garbage should be publicly flogged and ridiculed.


I’ll grind out the pet. And then stop. I imagine this will take 4-5 days of actual play.

So, I hope S27 starts in 2 weeks.


It sucks. Ugly portrait, ugly pet, no wings and no Crusader compensation, completely killing the non-shotgun Valor set.


I like the pet! The mouth is blue from the lollipop. Blizz tends to have detailed and fantastic art work.

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To start, I will say that I can definitely see the frustration coming out of the HC players regarding the EN feature. Leaving in the shield pylon or adding a safe area around the encounter makes sense.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s going to be an overly engaging seasonal theme, but it’s still a new season of Diablo. I play the game because it’s challenging, fun, and I think the pet is pretty interesting - it’s something completely different. I do think it’s kind of dumb to see how many people are saying “Welp, no s26 for me!”. I bet I can write down a list of those names and watch them hit 1500+ Paragon in a few weeks. I think one of the best ways to show that people don’t like the EN, is to not actually do the event. It’s possible that the statistical data will outweigh the forum disapproval.

I guess we’ll see how everything rolls out, though. There is still a bit of time before the season goes live and anything can happen.


Well seeing as it starts on the 15th and the 10 year anniversary of the game is on the 15th of May that would be great. So two week season, one week PTR immediately afterward and we have a super cool theme then?

The more you look at this the worse it gets. If the season started as a kind of 10 year celebration our anniversary season would have started on Friday the 13th.

No shield now? Not for HC then…