Season 25 | The Lords of Hell | Has Ended

Inna monk not nerfed,
Dregs of lies “nerfed”

helmet shards? let’s kill them all together and keep weapon gems buffed

These people have no idea what they’re doing


They always have job openings you should apply if you can do better. :ok_hand:


and the fun police is at it again.
instead of bringing new shards or even items in all those time was wasted in nerfing the seasontheme into the ground.

i was looking forward to play marauder (and a little shadow, which is still far behind everything competative…) but after those changes i’m not sure if i want to play this season at all.
no new needed changes (barb needs some buffs, hota is still extremly weak, MoTE, Raekor, IK and even Frenzy all need big love), just nerfing the only thing they’ve got for the next 4 months -.-


I hope you have fun in your season rushing 150’s in about 3 minutes

Rolling your face on a keyboard to randomly swap out all the numbers isn’t what i would call balancing the game

now don’t make me say what i didn’t say :ok_hand: if you agree with that you’re just what i’d call a mentally disabled person

Oh, look you all. Another hates everything Blizzard troll.


There’s always a raincloud in the bunch, you need a hug Neatle?


It’s not the barbs season, they’ll get their chance again.

my point was that there is so much room for improvement ( balancing, new content, interesting changes with choice) in the game that it is just sad they wasted it on another nerf-wave and on the only few things (seasontheme) they’ve got

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The portrait and pet look awesome, but the blanket shard nerfs are super (expected) disappointing.

The joy of this theme was to play non meta stuff, specifically stuff in massive need of a buff. That’s pretty much out now.

The biggest outlier, Innas, is still going to be incredibly strong and will still need a nerf next season. It’s just kicking the can down the road at the cost of far less build variety in a seasonal theme that had the potential to provide just that.


exactly! you could build random stuff for key-farming just for fun and still be relativly efficient. that’s out the window now!
it doesn’t change meta, maybe bombardment profited from it, but overall it’s the same as before - just weaker with fewer options to farm high.

really don’t know if this season will be played with our group of friends now

Wizard’s Haedrig’s Gift being firebird set after that nerf is just a big slap in the face, and yet hilarious at the same time.


it’s still very strong and STILL MUCH better than the other crappy wizard sets…


I’m not personally too afraid of that unless it crashes/freezes the console…

I’m actually hoping Grin Reaper clones are considered pets. If they are, I think I’ll do an Arachyr Firebats secondary. If not, I’ll still run it but will be a third or fourth character.

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That new pet is Hot Sauce.

Thanks Blizz!


Thank you very much, I will be waiting for Dec. 10 to begin my journey for Season 25.

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Which 2 gems are looking the best for you?

The sentry damage is still a huge boost compared to now.

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Good to see the top OP gems getting reined back a bit. Dont think it will change “That” much overall though.


if they at least have buffed shadow and hota i would be kind of fine with those patchnotes, but just overall nerfs doesn’t change the meta builds just take away potential farming builds

It’s definitely unfortunate.

Just a friendly warning, I’d edit that into less explicit form. I recently recieved 1 day forum suspension for using much, MUCH milder expression to colorfully describe arcane beams in another thread.